The Death of Free Speech in UK.(Free Tommy Robinson)

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Thanks to Black Pigeon Speaks for great video.

It's sad to report that the UK has now descended further towards a police state with the government now enforcing bans on free speech!!

Tommy Robinson

Whatever your view of the man, Tommy Robinson speaks the truth. I have followed the whole grooming gang scandal for some years and he doesn't lie about it.
Tommy comes from a large town in the UK called Luton. A town with a big radical islam problem, home to radical mosques and radical preachers of hate. Tommy, a working class lad, grew up in the town as this problem exploded.

As with most cities and towns that have a sizable islamic populationin the UK, Luton suffered the scourge of islamic inspired grooming gangs. A member of Tommies family was abused by such a gang.

Tommy was a Luton Town football supporter and members of their fan base would go to parades for soldiers returning from conflict zones to show them support. On one of these parades they encountered Islamic extremists shouting abuse at our soldiers and spitting at them, so they decided to form a group to counter those vile demonstrations that called for sharia law and the beheading of our brave soldiers.

This group was named the EDL, or English Defence League.

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Religious grooming gangs

We have had a problem for some years now that stems from within the Islamic community. In nearly every town and city in the UK that has a sizable Islamic population, groups of men have targeted children from predominantly working class, historically christian communities. These men have groomed and abused, often very vulnerable girls, children.
Court cases have been happening on a weekly basis in the UK, gangs of men, who use religious ideology to justify the abuse of children.
Most people now have heard the story of Rotherham as it was publicised, however the authorities and the liberal media have downplayed and even attempted to hide the scale of the problem and its implications for the UK.

picture from internet

The Ideology that underpins this vilest of crimes

These gangs are islamic extremists. As such, they use exactly the same ideology to justify their sick crimes as the black flag gangs like ISIS do when they enslave and abuse yazidi women and children in the Middle East. they treat them like cattle and sell them at slave "markets"!
The ideology is passages in the Quran and hadiths that says that in jihad Islamists can take the female children of the people of the book(Christians) once they had been conquered!!

The fact these gangs exist should be bad enough, but the implication they see these communities, working class communities, as conquered should be horrifying!!

Arrest And Imprisonment

For the last few years this has been covered up and downplayed. I've heard people from what is called the liberal left use "whataboutery" as an argument. Basically pointing to white non muslim paedophiles and saying, "what about them"? It's not a valid form of argument in itself, but they fail to find any equivalence, because there aren't any! There are no gangs of men who use religious justification to rape in gangs, and to be tolerated in their communities, like these paedophiles were and are.
Anyone who has attempted to report on these problems are silenced in all the ways that the liberal elite like to use. Tommy won't be silenced. He will now be at the mercy of the Islamist gangs that run our prison system. It's a scandal. It's all part of a wider picture of removing the indigenous working class and replacing them.


I saw the media attention that was given to the #metoo campaign and rightly so. But why hasn't the media focused as much attention on these girls?. I can remember that the Chibok girls in Africa had more support from the wests media and liberal elite. So why are the media and the authorities trying to hide the extent and implication of this phenomena? Is it because working class children are viewed by the perpetrators of these crimes and the liberal elite and media as bringing it on themselves?
Or are we to conclude that steps taken in recent times (sharia courts) or the allowing of countries like Saudi Arabia and others to fund salafi(islamist) mosques in working class area's, (often in old pubs) to be further signs that the working class and its culture are being replaced??

International problem

The rest of the world should learn from the example of Europe!
It's a sad but honest fact that the larger the Islamic population the higher the incidents of rape gangs and terror related incidents. The liberal elites experiment with multiculturalism has failed. The idea that you can import religious groups with different values and intergrate and liberalize them has failed. Instead we are constantly picking up the pieces and trying to monitor an ever increasing group of extremists.
How many more grooming gangs of terror attacks will it take? I'd hazzard a guess that while the working class are the collateral damage, it will continue.
For those of you in the USA, you aren't immune! Your population of Islam is only 1% of population at present. DJT is right to try to keep it that way. He can see the mistakes of Europe. He's a patriot, something we lack in most of Europe.

I don't support Tommy Robinson the man per se. But i support freedom of speech and the dissemination of the truth.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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I think soldiers are part of the problem, ALL of them everywhere. If "soldiers" (and thug police too)stopped acting on behalf of criminal politicians could there even be WAR? I understand that most soldiers are indoctrinated to believe they are doing good, and it is EXTREMELY sad that they get maimed and lose their lives but can you see how they are also part of the problem? It is very complex, but to me the root of the problem is people following psychopaths orders unconditionally and that is UNACCEPTABLE to me. As for this Tommy guy that to me is a real tragedy (assuming this it not a psyop lol) , he is FAR more courageous than me and I am really feeling guilty for not being more active in this fight against our psychopath rulers, truly we are in a prison planet.

Yes, it is a very sad situation. I trust you've read the book, "The Strange Death of Europe". Very sad indeed. Is it too late? I think for some countries it is. France, Holland, the UK and probably Germany. All fucked, and for what?

For those who want world governance..The NWO if you like.
Yes, the book by Douglas Murray..Another speaker of the truth. he used to be a regular commentator in our media. He said "less Islam is advisable" and he was hounded and then dropped from commentary. He is director of a think tank called "The Henry Jackson Society".
It's probably too late for most of western Europe. The maths make it a certainty...
Thanks your input.....

We Are The Resistance!

So, I don't understand, is the common man asleep in the UK or what. I guess we are no different here. We've had something like 28 million Hispanics flood into the country and still most people are oblivious. We are witnessing the fall of the West and we do nothing. Amazing.

You are right in your assessment. The "common man" as you described it have been dumbed down with the cult of celebrity and the internet and games. They have been given cheap alcohol and the OK to use it. Our universities have been taken over by liberals from the radical left and our children taught nonsense.
And like you said, this isn't just in Britain, the same is happening in the US. You have the advantage of being larger and easier to go off grid.
There are some of us trying to educate people but we are being silenced.
The liberal left try to just denounce us as racist as they are in league with the Islamists. They all have the same goal, the downfall of capitalism.
We will fight when we need to.

Isn't it obvious to you? They are replacing the working class with muslims. They can be controlled they think by controlling the mosques..

You should be worried by the example of Europe. When DJT is gone they will carry on their agenda in the US.

Thanks for your honest comment..

I don't know what the percentages are of those in the US that are "awake" but not enough yet to fend off the tide of liberal BS. Most people, like everywhere else in the "West" just simply go about their lives, working, watching football, eating too much, etc. Which is fine. It is what it is.

I think if I were a Christian i'd be going to church and looking forward to the second coming of Christ when all the evil ones get toasted. But, alas, I'm not. But this reminds me of the old movie Fiddler on the Roof. Remember when all the Jewish villagers were packing up getting ready to leave? Here is the conversation I was thinking of: Motel: Rabbi, we've been waiting for the Messiah all our lives wouldn't now be a good time for him to come? Rabbi: I guess we'll have to wait someplace else.

The problem is... where? the evil spreads like a cancer. I know one of your former compatriots @deliberator has moved to Poland to get away from the UK. Who would ever have thought of such a thing 10 or 20 years ago? And now here in the States there is a growing number of people moving to South America. But they have $$ and are generally more mature folks with no young children. Me? I can't afford to move across the street. And, I'm probably going to stay and fight the fuckers... if I can. Blessings.

Well, god bless. Keep up the fight.

"we will control what you can say and do and own, we will control what you can know and what you can think!"
said no decent government ever.....

this is insane
the invading hoards have won England belongs to Islam

It hasn't happened yet, the take over but it's getting nearer. In 30 uears they will have the numbers to change our laws further. Islam aims to control the world.
It's crazy that the left support Islam and womens rights which are the exact opposite of each other.

it seems like they already have all the sway they need, the PC culture is stopping from reporting on the case in question because it involved Muslim refugees

Yes, you are right. most of these rape gangs are in area's controlled by left wing councils, where PC culture as them quaking in their ideological boots.
These are our worst obstacles to ending this scandal. ideological liberals, maily from the left...

it's so strange that they are not getting called out publicly about picking if they are going to support women or Islam....

Yes it has them in a right pickle eh?

not really only a pickle if they have to answer for it and they don't

Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)

Thanks for helping to get the truth out!!!

It's great to see other people speaking out against this. This is a turning point for the UK and we need to decide whether or not we act. If we choose not to act then I fear that the UK as know it will be lost forever. #FreeTommyRobinson

I have been speaking about it for years. I've been hasstled by the authorities and Islamists. You are told to keep quiet by the police. It's ridiculous!!
They are tightening their grip, the global elite want governance of people, they don't give a damn who those people are. they see us as cannon fodder!
Thanks for the comment bro..
We need to put our truth on the blockchain..

Steem on bro

Very sad to see Agenda 21 continue to roll out. But it will not last. The plan will fail.

Yes. it' that the agenda set by the Rothschilds and their minions?? No regard for any nation..

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