Is it the end of Fakebook??

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good day my fellow Steemians!

I have been watching with interest, and a certain amount of glee as Zuckerberg and his spying network are running into problems.

Shadow Banning

I have been shadow banned for some time now. I had bans from facebook but i learned to moderate what i was writing and use their own "standards" against them.
So fakebook along with other similar platforms have been using a method called "shadow banning". When you look on your own feed you can see everything, but then when you look from another account your posts or comments are demoted or hard to find. They only seem to do this to nationalists or those with conservative views.
I was heartened today to find Donald Trump commenting on this on twitter and to see that Zuck and his intrusive, criminal network have lost another $100 billion. Lets hope that money finds it's way into the crypto space!! lol
People need decentralised platforms that don't manipulate and steel their data!!


Over the last few years i have been trying to persuade friends, family and anyone i meet who is cool, to adopt crypto currency, or at least look into it...
At that time most of them said it was too risky (crypto currency) and when i showed them all the other applications of blockchain, they, like most people just couldn't be bothered.

They have a system that works so why change was their answer

Those same people are all now asking me to show them the ropes and help them set up crypto accounts and how they can use decentralised platforms.!!I sense the tide turning even amongst the sheeple..

I think fakebook will always survive but i think it's user base is going to depend more on naive kids. More and more information is getting to the sheeple that they don't have to accept what they are being sold.


It's my own personal view that fakebook has always been a mind manipulation experiment and a spying tool. The CIA have always had these manipulative ideas at the forefront of their aims. Their experiments like MK Ultra were aimed at mind manipulation.
We are starting to see scandals linking fakebook and elections.They want a borderless world the same as the wealthy cabal who want to form one world governance.
What we are witnessing is the information war in a war that is seeking to destroy national identity, national culture and eventually nation state as it exists today.

We are the resistance against this. Decentralisation and blockchain technology with its crypto currency are our weapons to take down the greedy and ideological who wish to enslave us.....

Steem On!!


Kids and the old ones that are too lazy to learn new ways of doing things will be stuck with them.

you know that brother..

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