San Antonio attacks a US corporation, with no legal basis, by folding to the LGBTQ community!

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San Antonio has just stepped over the line. They have banned Chickfila from their airport, because the LGBTQ community does not like this company. There is no other basis for this refusal, and IMHO, Chickfila should sue them for defamation.

The city council of San Antonio has announced that they are banning Chick-Fil-A from being able to have a restaurant in the local airport because of Chick-Fil-A’s alleged “legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

They show their own ignorance by this ruling. The LGBTQ people have been attacking Chickfila for years, because they have the temerity to follow their Christian beliefs. They do not refuse service to, nor employment to anyone. They have just said that the Bible says that the LGBTQ community has made a sinful choice. They do NOT hate these people, only what they have chosen to do. So this community has chosen to destroy Chickfila, so they no longer have to address their own sin. They have been in attack mode for several years, but so far they have done no harm, because the rank and file citizens agree with Chickfila.

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Here is the support for this problem:

We are supposed to worship the LGBTQ community, and agree with all their choices; and we are also supposed to ignore the Fact that the Bible calls those exact same choices Abomination! Not objecting to the LGBTQ people having freedom of choice is not now enough. They insist that we place their choices, above the Bible, and agree that their choices are more important than our own right to speak! I MUST have the same right to free speech as they demand for themselves! They believe that shouting down the right to free speech for others, gives them more power. Sadly, if anyone is denied the right to speak freely, NO ONE retains the right to speak freely at all!

This is the entire core of all of this problem, Chickfila Must have the right to voice their beliefs too! This company has helped a lot of people over the years, asking nothing. They are a honest corporate citizen, who have only committed the offence of quoting the Bible! They Must not be attacked for their core beliefs, and have every right to them; just as the LGBTQ people Must have the right to theirs! OR NO ONE RETAINS ANY RIGHTS at all.

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