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RE: Want to guess the immediate future of the chronavirus, and those working against it?

in #informationwar2 years ago

Ironically they will be among the first casualties when things stop working, as they are totally dependent on the government. Most are incompetent on a daily needs basis.

So pity them, they have doomed themselves with their own politics!

And prep hard to take care of you and yours! Be safe....



I am one of them. I have been extremely fortunate as things go during this manufactured crisis. I don't know why I can see through this ruse, but it is likely because I saw that MSM was propaganda some time in 2014 (Ukraine coup reporting) and stopped believing anything I heard or read there. I believe the populace has been largely hypnotized, and I know plenty of conservatives I would also say this of. My task is to break through the spell. I am losing a lot of real life friends!!! They think I'm the one who is nuts!

They are sheeple, you are better off without them!

I got a text from my brother, thought you might like.


When I track down this source, I will do a post on it. I think ut is from fox....

Paper tiger virus for sure!


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