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RE: Want to guess the immediate future of the chronavirus, and those working against it?

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Yes. but try telling that to privileged liberals holed up in their houses, with their toys, their stuff, their pools and gardens. They really do have no compassion for the "downtrodden", and will trod on them happily themselves when their own safety is in question. We have been so shockingly easy to dupe!!!! That is what frightens me the most. A world full of chumps.


Ironically they will be among the first casualties when things stop working, as they are totally dependent on the government. Most are incompetent on a daily needs basis.

So pity them, they have doomed themselves with their own politics!

And prep hard to take care of you and yours! Be safe....


I am one of them. I have been extremely fortunate as things go during this manufactured crisis. I don't know why I can see through this ruse, but it is likely because I saw that MSM was propaganda some time in 2014 (Ukraine coup reporting) and stopped believing anything I heard or read there. I believe the populace has been largely hypnotized, and I know plenty of conservatives I would also say this of. My task is to break through the spell. I am losing a lot of real life friends!!! They think I'm the one who is nuts!

They are sheeple, you are better off without them!

I got a text from my brother, thought you might like.


When I track down this source, I will do a post on it. I think ut is from fox....

Paper tiger virus for sure!


many of my liberal friends are quite happy to continue the "shelter in place" orders and will berate anyone who doesn't agree with that notion. What these same people don't realize is that their company, that they get to work for from home, actually does make a physical product... and their production has slowed down immensely. What do they think is going to happen to their protected jobs once there is no product to organize anymore?

I know a lot of conservatives who are following all the measures too, and still getting sick. But I seem to be alone among the liberals in my life who is not under the spell of this madness. I can only hope that when this BS comes back, after a bit of time of being allowed human contact again, more of us will realize how dangerous and damaging the measures have been and won't allow it to happen again. Little by little people are wising up, although the left will be bringing up the rear in our fight.