Hurricanes and School Shootings: Correlation?

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I haven't seen any press about the correlation between recent school shootings and last summer's hurricanes. There is, in fact, a correlation. The area around Santa Fe, Texas was hard hit by Hurricane Harvey 8/30/2017-9/1/2017 and the area around Parkland, Florida was hard hit by Hurricane Irma on 9/10/2017when it ripped up the Florida Coast. Mass school shootings happened in Santa Fe on 5/18/2018 with 10 dead, 13 wounded and in Parkland on 2/14/2018 with 17 dead, 17 wounded.

I've never been in a serious hurricane myself but I have toured the Texas Gulf Coast and vacationed in Galveston. Sad towns on the Gulf Coast show how many less-urban places never bounce back from a destructive hurricane. Galveston still had not been restored to its former glory by 2016 which was eight years after Category-4 hurricane Ike destroyed it.

Knowing what I know about hurricane damage, I wouldn't visit the hard-hit places for a vacation for several years after a major hurricane and can only imagine the long-term mental health impact of the natural disasters. We are all searching for answers after these horrible mass shootings. This is just another bit of information.


Thank you!

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