Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Cash has been Flown Out of Minnesota to the Middle East by Recently Established Communities

in #informationwar6 years ago

Fox 9 news and the Gateway Pundit are reporting that at least $200,000,000 in cash has been flown out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport to the Middle East during 2015-2017. The cash was likely obtained through a welfare and daycare scam whereby the state would pay a daycare's bill and the business would convert the payment to cash in order to be flown out of the country inside of suitcases. This is a follow-on to a scam whereby the same types of businesses would wire the cash to the UAE from their bank accounts. Too many of them were caught by the authorities so they started the hand-carrying of cash. It is likely that the cash has been used to fund terrorism in the Middle East.

It sounds like the Obama administration wasn't the only entity funneling taxpayer dollars out of the country to give to known terrorist supporters.


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