Indonesia war with Israel is the comparison

It's about the question of military power that is the measure of the ferocity of a country in this modern age, Pinterfan. This time we want to compare Indonesia's military power with Israel, a cruel Jewish state to the Palestinians.

Referring to data and research reported by Global Fire Power (GPF) site 2017, then Indonesia in the list is in the 14th position from 133 countries. The upper level of Israel is in position 15 and ahead of Australia in position 22.

Some categories are used as the basis for ranking by GPF. Among them are possession of weapons and fleets and the availability of military personnel. Geographical factors, logistics access, local industry, and natural wealth also provide value determinants. It's just that the GPF does not take into account its nuclear power.

In three major categories Indonesia surpassed Israel. That is, in the case of several types of fleet fighter, the number of troops and non-nuclear weapons possession.

Indonesian military personnel totaled 975,750 with details of 435,750 active soldiers and 540,000 reserve troops.
The number surpassed the total number of Israeli military personnel totaling 718,250, with details of 168,250 active soldiers and the remaining 550,000 reserves.

In the power of air combat, Indonesia is still defeated by Isael. The country has a total of 625 aircraft. There are 243 units of aircraft, 243 aircraft, 101 units, 219 units, 143 units of helicopters, 48 ​​of which are helicopters.

While Indonesia's air defense is strengthened with 441 aircraft with an additional 39 aircraft units, 58 units of attack aircraft, 170 units of transport aircraft, 111 units of training aircraft. Also equipped with 147 helicopters of which 5 of them are helicopters assault.

From the side of the ground defense, again Israel excels in the equipment. They have 2.620 units of combat tanks. Supported by armored vehicles 10,185 units, artillery moving 650 units, artillery drag 300 units and rocket launcher 48 units.
While Indonesia has 418 battle tanks. In addition, there are 1,089 units of armored vehicles, 37 moving artillery units, 80 units of artillery drag and 86 unit rocket launchers.

Indonesia can be somewhat superior in the sea defense by having 221 units of ships. While Israel has only 65 units.
The Indonesian military budget is US $ 6.9 billion or equivalent to Rp89.7 trillion per year. Meanwhile, Israel has doubled the amount of US $ 15.5 billion, equivalent to Rp.201.5 trillion per year.

In conclusion, in the comparison of Indonesian military power Vs Israel, Indonesia excels in the number of personnel and a number of combat vehicles but lost considerably in terms of military budget. But we can also see that the strength of the Indonesian military can not be underestimated. If Indonesia war with Israel? Well, that's another matter, Guys. Just like about Indonesia vs Malaysia, the "giants" behind the Jewish state are what make them even more so. Understand right?

Watch the video below:


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