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Nigerian political tussles here and there, to rancour existing between political heads, that ought to be giving us advice, to the violent acts that have characterized our congresses, the unpleasant realization that has dawned on all is that the All Progressive Congress (APC) is dull, obviously has no sense of direction and ideologically lost .One can imagine a ship with so many captains rowing, The party is about to hit iceberg as it has became a colony of turmoil at all levels.

In Nigeria today, politics is a very lucrative business and most people will do anything to get a political appointment or be elected into one. As a child my father got involved with politics and i think that developed my interest in politics. I was barely 12 when my father contested for Anambra House of Assembly under CNC and then local government under Grassroot party. I saw conspiracy and money sharing. I can tell you that politics is the quickest way to make money in Nigeria if you know how to play it well but unfortunately my father was too good for the Nigerian politics so he retired to his passion of lecturing.>


Its administration is shrouded with rampant impunity, unprecedented lawlessness & executive rascality. Still hiding under the façade of change, the Party itself is oblivious to the meaning of the word.
I promptly condemn & disassociate myself from this unconstitutional & undemocratic conduct. It would be unwise to leave the nation in the hands of these “change givers “.
Consequently, If immediate care is not taken, rule of Law is at the verge of disintegration in this great nation (Nigeria). This we should not allow or else a reign of anarchy is imminent.
Nigeria is at a precarious angle, hence our collective efforts is sorely needed to pull her upright, where she will radiate in her glory, tower like an amazon with her pride shining through.
Nigeria politics cannot be compared to any other political system anywhere in the world; it is too complex mostly beyond the understanding of lay men and women. Been exposed to politics at a young age, I was able to understand how the blame game works, how they manipulate people, I had opportunity of listening to men and women of power talk about politics, I started reading about politics at that age. The whole game is changing by the day. The politics of the 90s is not same with the politics of the new millennium, but they have the basic principle of cheating and conspiracy, but now witnessed at a higher degree

During election year, lawyers in Nigeria make money that can last them till the next election year. In Nigeria the electoral tribunal or dept is a lucrative department, the money paid to lawyers to defend them in elections cases are entirely beyond me. Last year during my 3 months law office attachment, it was during the just concluded election primaries and I saw conspiracy at work. Lawyers are paid as much as N500, 000 Million to defend or argue their cases in court,and to declare them winners of the primaries. Why will anyone pay such huge amount in a court case, their best bet is the hope of winning the court case and taking the money from the public fund.>
Is believed that PDP is evil and a blood thirsty party, that has brought grief and anguish to the citizens of this Country. They are not far from the allegation but what about the people pointing the accusing fingers, are they far from PDP. Same game plan, same blame game, same winning strategy, just different name

Let’s start with the inception of book Haram in Nigeria, what is book haram, who is boko haram, I have not had time to study this group called boko haram and my Muslim friend briefly told me the recent activities of the said group is far from the original motive of the group. I have studied the Quran, at least I own one and I have studied it and have come to the conclusion that what is happening in Nigeria is beyond the menace of a religious group. It is 80% political and 20% religious, the little I know about the group is that they are trying to protect their religious culture and have refused to allow civilization to distract their people, which is highly understandable because civilization is honestly the origin of our problem.
Let’s rise to the challenge and ride to the polls with our franchise in tow. Our struggle shall never go in vain, because we are entitled to vote out all recalcitrants from office as we did to their ancestors in 2015. I do hope, the year 2015 political episode will be repeated.
The time is now because people are dying, the political elite are self-finish they are eating away the benefit of generation to come, the poor masses are be left to die in poverty all these must stop