The Force Is With You As Never Before

The Earth is shifting with new dynamics coming online from within to support you now.

Learn what they never wanted you to know, you had the power all along.

Now activate it!

Targeted Individual Workshop - Build Immunity From Interference and Targeting.

Today at 1:30 Eastern Time.

We are not here to be harvested by controllers and criminals. Our organic nature has the latent potentials to bring us out into a whole new world of engagement. If we can shed the filters that keep us looping we can see, move and live beyond.

Join Anaiis Salles and myself, Sienna Lea as we offer real tools to shift up and out of repetitive cycles of pain and suffering.

Impossible? Forget it?

This Workshop is for those ready to take action from within and without to no longer be in this position.

If this interests you, please join us today as we explore how one can shift the inner to change the future. Yes, it can be done and no they don’t want you to get this information. That little voice engineered to keep you in fear, impotence and servitude will forever whisper that this must only be addressed externally. Nonsense. It’s also an inside job.

It is true ...

... we have been set up to fear and disassociate with the core energetic of who we are. Our inner dynamic power core has been the target for a long, long time. Now is our time to reclaim it and activate, heal, purify and Rise. We were programmed to fear what is within, to diminish ourselves, to not love ourselves, to feel bad about ourselves and this makes us vulnerable. Many of us have low energy, are sick, impoverished and down on our luck. Coming out of separation and working to heal shadows within an inner work community are solutions that I am offering targeted Individuals.

Become the Jedi you truly are.

Heal the sinkholes within your unconscious and subconscious that keep you spinning.

Reclaim the ability to be impenetrable to harmful energies.

Ridiculous? A Scam? Are you sure? If you wish to shed your snakeskin and Rise out of oppression it's totally doable.

In this workshop, we will begin our discussion on tools and actions that actually work to turn on your ability and actually use the force that is your birthright to live a full and abundant life.

Healing shadows moves our inner compass out of harm’s way, delivering us to zero point where we are capable of learning the advanced tools for protection which totally move us out of this dilemma.

Hide in shame and blame no more!

Ignite and balance yourself so that you can live from a clear non-reactive core.

We look forward to meeting and supporting you as explore your options. Coming out of hiding, sharing and ending the separation is key.

Join The Workshop

Sienna Lea.

~ From the 5G Summit team. 


Build Immunity From Interference And Targeting

Workshop - July 18th
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Workshop - July 25th
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