The More Things Change... Pizzagate Comes Full Circle: Part II- The Tavistock Connection

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When looking into the origins of the phony "Russia collusion" narrative, all roads seem to lead back to London rather than Moscow as the MSM and establishment elites would have everybody believe. What they are covering up is so huge in size, scope and level of degeneracy it's almost unbelievable. This in part explains the MSM's pathological fixation on what they've dubbed "Russiagate..." because they are as big a part of the depravity as the political elites. 

So let's look at what we know about the London connection... not only is it the birthplace of institutional pedophilia, it's the home of Tavistock Institute/The Royal Institute of International Affairs, MI-5, MI-6, GCHQ, and is the illegitimate parent of our CIA and Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR- the American affiliate of Tavistock). The purpose of this institutionalized pedophilia- other than the obvious- is what's called Brownstoning (the sexual blackmail used to control political figures). It's been a part of British politics at least for decades- probably much longer.

If we view the Pizzagate/Pedogate phenomenon as a political spiderweb, rest assured that the spider itself resides in London. The Five Eyes (FVEY) intel sharing apparatus is in place to insure that the political actors involved stay in line... it's geared for internal spying more so than protection from outside sources. This is where Tavistock comes in... in fact it's the purpose behind the formation of the Tavistock network. In lieu of being able to blackmail President Trump, a false narrative had to be created.

From Tavistock IX: From Tavistock to Pizzagate- Posted Last Year

Like George Webb, I stumbled across Pizzagate while investigating the Clinton Foundation. The links he found to the CIA, DynCorp, led me to some other links as well. What I found researching the CIA link caused me to look deeper into that aspect where I found that the CIA had not only a direct link to Tavistock Institute mind control, but that it's very origins were linked to Tavistock. As we've explored in some detail, Tavistock and their subsidiaries influence nearly every aspect of life in America (see series on Tavistock for more). This is why it is doubtful that any significant arrests in connection to Pizzagate/Pedogate will occur, at least until much more information is divulged through the alt media. In you look back to the last election, Hillary Clinton got approximately half of the votes. This was not because she is a superior statesman, or a statesman at all... it merely indicates the effect that the propaganda espoused by Tavistock and their globalist allies have on American politics. However, if good people sit by and let bad things happen, no good will ever come of things... It's time for everyone to become involved.

In investigating the the links between Pizzagate, the CIA, the Clinton Foundation and the Haitian disaster (that led to the human sex and organ trafficking) a large cast of characters emerged. Among them were James Alefantis, Laura Silsby, the Podestas (John & Tony), DynCorp and Friends of the Orphans, to name a few. It was Friends of the Orphans, the group fronted by Max Maccoby that turned the 33 "orphans" (they turned out to NOT be orphans) over to Silsby to be trafficked to the Dominican Republic. The one name that kept popping up in connection to almost all of these others was Maccoby. Who then were the Maccoby's and what was their connection to the others and more important, to Tavistock/CIA? The Maccoby's are being overlooked by most of the other Pedogate investigators and I believe that they are not only a link, but the key to unravelling this scandal.

Michael Maccoby is the patron of the clan. He is a Harvard trained psychologist who, along with co-author Erich Fromm wrote Social Character in a Mexican Village, a piece that studies the effect of trauma on indigenous populations. Fromm is from The Frankfurt School and Columbia University both directly tied to Tavistock, not to mention Cultural Marxism. It's been written of Michael that if you want to know how deep the evil goes, "you would have to start in Hell and shovel brimstone to work your way up." Michael is also a "coach" for staff members of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, the parent organization of Friends of the Orphans, Laura Silsby's organization. He is also the father of Max Maccoby, attorney for James Alefantis and David Brock (as well as friend), Izette Folger (Alefantis friend) and Nora Maccoby (another friend of Alefantis, surprise, surprise). Michael studied under Dr. Henry Alexander Murray at Harvard. Dr. Murray was one of the architects of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) the forerunner of the CIA.

Dr. Maccoby also had ties to the CIA black ops/assassin school while he was in Mexico where Lee Harvey Oswald is thought to have received his training. He and Fromm are also linked to Tavistock's Aldous Huxley whose LSD experiments were continued by Dr. Timothy Leary of Harvard, hero of the 1960's counter-culture. This is all linked together- Tavistock, the CIA, Haiti, OSS, the Nazi Party and Operation Paperclip, the effect of Tavistock on the counter-culture in America and more- including the Clinton Foundation, child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), of which Pizzagate/Pedogate are a product. The evidence is overwhelming... and the Maccoby's seem to be the thread that ties everything together.

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This is sickening to read. I haven't looked into pedogate much, and am shocked at how many tententacles there are connecting these monsters together. I mean, a group called "Friends of Orphans??" So much evil, God help us.


And they're just a subsidiary of a bigger group that does the same thing... it goes on and on

Resteemed post as i liked it.

More absolutely crucial info from Steemit's resident trutharch...@richq11.

Keep up the great work, my friend!

P.S. Have you read John Coleman?


Absolutely... I got a lot from his work when I did my Tavistock series. Being former MI-6 I consider him the foremost authority on the subject!

Thank you!!!


Excellent, thanks. I had him on my AM morning show a few years ago. Amazing interview.


Now there's a guy I'd love to talk to!

Wonderful post..

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