The Commies Are Coming... The Real Story Behind Russian Collusion

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Khrushchev once quipped that he'd take America without ever firing a shot that... "The Red flag would be raised by American hands." One mistake people make is in assuming that when the USSR fell in Dec. of 1991 that Communism fell along with it. There are still many people in positions of power in Russia today that still cling to the memories of the USSR under Stalin, and there are people in America that support them. These are some of the people behind the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy... the soft coup against our president, as well as our country, is being orchestrated by Communists. And this isn't something that happened recently, our government has been infiltrated by members of the Communist Party at least as long ago as the Roosevelt administration by Alger Hiss and more as time went on.

The attack on America by the Communists is not coming directly from Russia, but by agents of the old KGB in the UK. A look at the people involved, both in the security agencies here and England, as well as political figures, shows a incremental coup that was interrupted by the election of Donald Trump. Just as Khrushchev foretold, America has become a nest of Communist vipers. Our CIA was infiltrated as far back as the 1950's and 60's by Kim Philby and more recently by its own Director John Brennan, a self-confessed Communist. The behavior of several other politicos raises some eyebrows as well:

Bill Clinton: Went to Oxford a notorious recruiting ground for the KGB. From there he went to Moscow before returning to America.

Hillary Clinton: The only personal contribution she makes is to the American Lawyers Guild, a front for the American Communist Party. Her college thesis was on Saul Alinsky.

James Comey: who in an interview with New York Magazine told a reporter: "I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out."

Christopher Steele: Went to Cambridge, another notorious KGB recruiting ground. The Daily Mail reported: "... as being one of the top socialist-communists at Cambridge University (a top KGB recruitment school) whose contemporaries labeled as an avowedly left-wing student who ran a Marxist front named Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and in whose book praising the Soviet Union, he confirmed that he was a socialist." It should also be noted that he hates Trump.

Nellie Ohr: A Stalin apologist who wrote her doctoral dissertation defending Stalin's having killed some 30 million of his countrymen saying that "the same measures may one day be necessary in the US." Nellie Ohr, a Harvard graduate, has a Ham radio license for "entertainment" we are supposed to believe. In fact...

"Nellie Ohr, this report explains, is that coinciding with the beginning of her “active measures” radio broadcasts with her fellow communists CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey and MI6 operative Steele, she was employed by the company Fusion GPS to specially work on a secret project called the Trump-Russian Dossier—that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party, along with FBI Director Comey—and from where Nellie Ohr, also, set up an entrapment meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer to provide “collusion evidence” for their plot—followed by FBI Director Comey using the made up Trump-Russian Dossier to illegally obtain secret court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, and much too late, when he realized what he was actually a part of, quit using FBI money to pay MI6 operative Steele—but that didn’t stop the “Woman In The Middle” Nellie Ohr who, after FBI Director Comey tried to leave this “active measures” plot against Trump, simply turned to her US Department of Justice top official husband Bruce Ohr to continually feed communist generated propaganda against Trump into the now completely corrupted American “fake news” mainstream propaganda, legal and intelligence systems."

Stefan Halper: Was a Univ. of Cambridge professor who was an "expert" on Russia.China was also worked for MI-6 and the ONA (Office of Net Assessment) a Pentagon think tank. NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers tasked Halper with finding out about Nellie Ohr's "active measures," in particular who in London was on the receiving end of her Ham radio broadcasts. When Barack Obama got wind of this he attempted to have the ONA disbanded.

On Nov. 17 2016, Adm Rogers flew to New York to meet with then President-elect Donald Trump to inform him about the plot against him. Then CIA chief Mike Pompeo met with the heads of three Russian security agencies in Jan of 2018...

"After having survived the initial attempts to throw him out of power, this report continues, this past January, 2018, President Trump convened the most extraordinary meeting ever to occur between the United States and Russia—and that, for the first time in history, saw Russia’s top three intelligence chiefs—SVR Director Naryshkin, Federal Security Service Director Aleksandr Bortnikov, and Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Directorate Colonel-General Igor Korobov—travel to Washington D.C. to meet with NSA Director Admiral Rogers, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis—and whose central point of discussion was the “active measures” findings of the Halper-Rogers-Naryshkin document."

It will be interested to find out how many other high-ranking Democrats were also involved in the biggest coup in recent history... one that began some 50 years ago. Had Donald Trump not won the presidency the coup would have gone off without a hitch, but patriots like Adm. Rogers stood up for America. There is, and has been, Russian collusion. Agents of the USSR and KGB are still in the US government and still attempting to take down the President. When Q says that this is even bigger than most patriots think, he's right on the money.




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God bless Donald Trump and all the good guys working with him, it would be nothing short of a miracle if we can actually dislodge these deep state swamp things. Wouldn't it be something if Donald Trump's October surprise was to arrest all these crooks?

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Excellent information. Thanks for doing this Rich.


Thank you my friend... I'm just getting warmed up. I have so much info I don't know where to start!


One foot after the other.


There's just so much material it was hard to pick a spot from which to start... now that that's done, I can focus on presenting the material (and believe me- there's PLENTY!!!)

When you see the citizens of the United States and Western Europe cursing capitalism and freedom, demanding more state; passing pro-abortion laws like those sanctioned in the USSR in 1920; when you see atheism increasing, (we must remember that atheism is something communist, the USSR was an atheist); when you see that every day we destroy the traditional family more, when you see that materialism is becoming our culture, when you see all that, and then look at Russia and see that its citizens recovered their religious institutions , you see that the State protects the traditional family, you see that they are much more conservative with their traditions, you see that they annulled the pro-abortion law, you see all that, then you know that the ideological war was won by the USSR.


It isn't only the citizens, but the govt as well... Our entire society has been infiltrated.

Fantastically informative as always, Rich!

I'm sure you've read up on the Rockefeller/Wall-Street origins of modern Communism as well...?


They financed the Red Revolution through the Warburgs. Both Lenin and Trotsky had trains full of gold to finance it!


I knew about Lenin and the trainload of gold, but Trotsky, too?

Warburgs were tight Rockefeller-linked tools, from what I've read.


I think it's the other way around... Warburg is part of the Rothschild diaspora. Rockefeller answered to them.



Have you read Emannuel M. Josephson, though? He makes a pretty compelling case that THE oil family was far wealthier than any other family.


I really don't know... The Rothschilds have been at it much longer and the family has branched out. For example the Oppenheimers (De Beers) control diamonds. What I'm researching now shows bank accounts with unimaginable amounts of money (like $1,575 with 55 zeros!)

Well they have abandoned the small doses tactic in favor of cramming it down out throats! Specifically Sen Warrens bill to nationalize pretty much everything!!

They are not even trying to hide it!


that's what is scary, the fact they are now openly calling for all the shit that they always claimed they didn't really want like an end to free speech and gun rights. Now they proudly call for an end to the first and second amendment rights of Americans.

Thank God we have President Trump and the Patriots. I would hate to think what America would be like without them. Thanks my friend @richq11

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This is... just.. wow. When guilty of a crime, accuse the other side of the exact same thing, huh? There is no basis for reality here. None. Just theoretical nonsense desperate to misdirect focus from an earnest investigation into a corrupt administration.

Respectfully submitted by a rational citizen of the US.

This shit is getting old. Actually for me, a long time ago. Fear has become a commodity. Isolation and separation a weapon. I love you. Deal with that.