Technocracy: Welcome To The Pseudo-Scientific Dictatorship

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Technocracy began in the 1930's based on a set of erroneous assumptions and pseudo-science. It was created to replace "Capitalism" and free enterprise as the prevailing economic structure employing a system of energy credits and electronic accounting rather than currency. It transmogrified into an ideology when Howard Scott and M. King Hubbert wrote "The Technological Study Course" and the movement began to accumulate followers. By the end of the 30's it moved underground when the Hearst news empire banned its writers from covering it... cover up?

It reemerged years later when Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote "Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era" and it was just after this that noted globalist David Rockefeller and Brzezinski formed the Trilateral Commission. In 1987 Trilateral Comm. member Gro Harlem Brundtland published Our Common Future and submitted it to the United Nations and Sustainable Development/ Agenda 21 was born. I believe that this technocracy is a critical target of Qanon's posts... The Deep State (International) is predicated in large part on technocracy, hence as I wrote before, the importance of China and the references to @Snowden. This isn't about politics, it's about evil on a global scale... (925)Mar 10 2018 14:49:25
This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.
As the Georgia Guidestones tell us- it will be the technocratic monster that causes the decimation of mankind. Qanon speaks about the Sum of all Fears- an underground group of former Nazis, not a government entity that has allies in government. They create a false flag and blame Russia. The new cabal is technocrats- NGO's such as the CFR, Trilateral Comm, Bilderberg Gp., and others- a consortium of evil.
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The target population of 500 million will consist of the elites, a few million technicians and a few slaves to do the menial tasks... Americans, immersed as they are in their technological utopia, with very few exceptions,have forgotten how to live. The technocrats depend on that. If the power grid goes down- people will either starve, start killing each other for scarce resources, or more likely- both.

While much of the population is focusing on gun control, or which movie star has gone into rehab, the technocrats in Silicon Valley are trying to shut conservative voices out of social media for a reason. This is the big story... if you watch Qanon's posts the talk about Edward Snowden and China I believe relates to China. China is already a technocracy all based on technologies and algorithms created in America. Snowden, a self-taught "computer geek" (most of the programmers I know are people who taught themselves) I believe is a CIA plant, not a dissident.

The technocrats have Americans so addicted to technology that they've mindlessly walked into a trap. If you look around on any city street it's filled with people paying more attention to their phone than where they're going...
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What if suddenly all that technology disappears? I'm just now beginning my research into 5G but from what I understand it "weaponizes" the grid. The only thing standing in the way- and threatening- the technocrats and global domination is the alternative media. Once that voice is silenced the technocracy takes over... they will control the narrative and the populace will follow the program like sheep to avoid being cut off from the object of their addiction- but by then, it will be too late. This is why Qanon keeps encouraging people to stay together.

The Chinese technocracy was a test balloon. Using Western technology, China has evolved from a Communist dictatorship (while keeping the totalitarian control paradigm intact) into a dictatorial technocracy. Beginning in the Clinton administration the Deep State has been channeling technology- including sophisticated missile guidance systems- where basic human rights and civil liberties are not an impediment. China has a surveillance society much more sophisticated than our own. An American journalist in China asked for a demonstration to put the system to the test, He was given a 5 minute head start from a local police station... it took 7 minutes to apprehend him at a train station. This is what we have to look forward to if the Deep State succeeds.

Expect more school shootings and other false flags to keep the public occupied. The Deep State not only wants your guns, they want you afraid... afraid enough to embrace a surveillance society like that in China. We're well on the way- Congress continues to support extensions of the Patriot Act and other equally invasive legislation. If they can make America afraid enough the pseudo-scientific dictatorship can succeed... and there's no limit to the lengths they will go to accomplish their goal- global domination

Coming up: 5G- Five Eyes (FVEY) & AI



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Relevance: Technocrats deciding for all of us.
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I have been saying similar for years now. I have watched cameras go up at street corners, they have tricked people into demanding listening devices for convenience in their own homes (Amazon/Google etc). Because surely it is a struggle to manually search for information or change a channel.

Website popups wanting me to give permission for my location to be known, alerts to be "pushed" to me. Years ago, my then stepchildren were using a Facebook app where you checked in and won some fake cyber prize as a reward the more you used it. Got to train them when they are young.

Unlike so many of the early adopters of crypto, it set off red flags for me. They have been wanting/discussing a cashless world since I was a young man, and crypto gives them that. Gives them the ability to spy on your every transaction once adopted fully, and more important, the ability to turn your money off either through a direct manipulation of the chain or more likely just by turning off the access to the internet. And the whole time they have us, as usual, paying for it by our purchase of the coins to fund the projects that speed up the processing.

Back to these street cameras. Who really owns them and how many are using face recognition software. I could go on but this all makes me sick as I don't know what an average man can do to put the brakes on any of this.

There are to many specially trained soldiers who are shortsighted enough to not understand they are as expendable to these power players as those they are aimed at. Not sure what the answer is.

Cryptocurrency isn't cashless... it's an alternative form of cash. With the blockchain it makes it impossible to spy unless you're trading multiple BTC at a time. Your transaction is just a part of a block containing multiple transactions... Picking out one would be virtually impossible. It would be like emptying out the change drawer at a large store and guessing which nickel was yours.

Not to mention that so many coins out there are privacy-driven... Zcash, Monero, Komodo, etc. There are plenty of ways to ensure your anonymity in the crypto-space. And as time goes along it will be harder and harder for those in charge to control the flow of money and/or information.

When you stop to think about tokenized encrypted communication, why wouldn't any of us want that in this age of creepy, Orwellian spying?

Amen to that... decentralization is the key! I just bought some EOS and also opened an encrypted email account.

And if you put the Social Credit System into the mix, which is currently being "tested" in China our outlook get's even more bleak. I'm not sure what the answer is either, but afraid it might be a "Brave New World"...

I know what the answer is... Unfortunately it involves bloodshed.

I don't think that that is an option anymore. They are waiting for it, the FEMA camps are ready. Their technology is overwhelming. The laws to enforce it already written. And it's a Hydra. You chop up one head and many grow back. Also I don't see a way to wake up the still sleeping masses. As long as they have a beer in the fridge, they are not going to do shit. There might be civil unrest eventually, when they realize what's going on. But by then, it will be too late. It already is...All that's left to do is to rock the sinking boat :)


The Technocracy Centre in Vancouver That I Remember - @openparadigm

Soon we will be even deeper in the technology and by that i mean literally in it by introducing VR to the masses.They will be in a whole new world and it will be scary.
If we think phones are bad imagine VR.

It's coming... First they have to install the 5G network (sometime around 2020 if my sources are right). Then it will be AI. Mix in transhumanism and bioengineering and voila!

If it can be used to control free will, the controllers will use it for that!
I just wrote on how fox hunting in Britain may actually be an early form of social control of humans from a time before smartphones!

They will use fear to control free will! I always root for the fox!

For those who haven't seen the video of the track and snatch, it can be viewed under this link.

As is, the non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices has been repeatedly demonstrated to cause double helix breaks as well as countless other physical ailments. I have written an article treating my exploration of that topic here.

With 5G we are entering territory heretofore explored only by the military, as discussed in depth here.

Thanks! There was also a good article on 5G in Technocracy News today!

I didn't know about, thanks for the heads up. His is also a good aggregator. I am continually amazed at how many of sites Mike Adams has up.

One of the oldest and best aggregate sites I know of is, I think it and and video site are run by Sean of @sgtreport.

China is already a technocracy all based on technologies and algorithms created in America.

That's something I worry about. I still remember libs going ga-ga over Japan in the 1980s.

It might not happen this time, though, because China is regularly criticized as a human-rights abuser.

I don't think they really care what anybody thinks of them. They had overwhelming support when they wanted to force Taiwan out of the UN... All the UN represents is anti-US dictatorships around the world.

Something you didn't touch on is the the Eugenics movement, which was ascendant in the USA and UK prior to the demonization of the Nazis and their espousal of eugenics. After eugenics became associated with Nazis, the American and UK eugenics movement adopted the name 'technocrat' and continued the exact same policies.

Also, the technocratic power leader of the enslaved world, China, we begun under Nixon, when he first 'opened' China to Western industrialism. China is the next model for states developed by globalist megalomaniacs like Kissinger and Brzezinski, Bush and Thatcher, back in the 70s and 80s, the same time they created the perfect tool for generating necessary false flags required to control populations with fear, al Qaeda.

In order to transfer global power from the USA to China, war will be required. This isn't something globalists are reluctant to undertake, as A) they are globalists, not American nationalists, and could care less about America, or Americans; and B) war is extraordinarily profitable, as well as potentiating innumerable other profitable industries they control, such as human trafficking, organ harvesting and trafficking, production and distribution of various other black market good such as illegal drugs and sand. Yes, sand. Necessary for almost every contruction project that has ever been undertaken, aggregate (mostly sand and gravel) is a global industry of which at least 40% is controlled by international criminal organizations.

I could go on, but given the recent public statement by Trump '...take the guns first, and worry about due process later...' and the fact that gun confiscations have already begun, starting in Seattle with armed police seizing the guns of law abiding citizens that aren't charged with any crime at all, and the simultaneous purging of dissent across major enemedia platforms like Goolag, Fakebook, and Twatter, anything I could add to the discussion is likely to be self-evident within weeks.


Agreed. The problem with the boiling frog method is that it was pretty nice and comfy for a while. Now it seems to get pretty hot...

Every word of your mind, you wrote very well. Hopefully you'll be giving us a good post like this.
I would like to say you keep it up and well done.

You're a nice personality. Keep it up and well done.


Remember reading "1984" in high school and" Animal Farm". Now it's here. Amazing how one man, Trump, can disrupt the Global plan for now. But the odds seem so against stopping their plans.

He's up against a global juggernaut! The global banksters under the Rothschilds in the UK and Rockefellers here, The Tavistock Inst (UK) and CFR, Trilaterals and their network of NGO's. Like Q says "you have no idea how huge this is." I think I have a pretty good idea- I've been studying it for 25 years.

Great post - I can confirm that 5G infrastructure is a weapons platform, the hardware is identical to the 'poppers' (EMF weaponry) currently deployed by coalition forces in the M.E. for "crowd control" - I'm keen to network with nationalists, regionalists and anarchists on Steem and kick-start a conversation about anarchist unity and starting self-sufficient bio-regions to fight back from! I've followed you and look forward to your future posts.

Often these people think they are smarter than the rest of us, "technocrats", they do not know anything ... the only reason why people do not do anything about it is because they do not care.

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You must be a fucking miracle of science if you read that in such a short time!

Hahahaha too funny! Rich I can’t believe how naive the general public is, too preoccupied on their phones doing nothing. I have been instilling in my children to be able to use their hands and mind to create tangible goods. I don’t think it is if the grid fails, but when! I was just talking with someone this weekend about an old Will Smith smith movie “Enemy if the State”. That movie is 25 years old and the technology is scary now, Lord only knows what they have now. The public hears 5G and they hear faster internet, instead of massive data collection.

Look up people “The truth is out there!”

There's a video about weaponizing it by the SGT Report that I'm about to watch. I've only read a little, but want to use it in my next post about this topic. Also AI, the FVEY surveillance (which is how Obama "shopped" the Trump team spying out to the Brits). Also transhumanism (the Bio aspect of Technocracy). I can see this becoming 3-4 posts!

SGT has been doing a good job of keeping on top of this, I watched the videos you are referring to and you definitely want to watch them. I don't have the time to look up everything I am about to relate, but Ron Johnson from STFN has also done a lot of work on wireless and I got this from him. If he is accurate, by modulating the wireless frequencies it is possible to do crowd control by essentially tuning the frequency to use human hairs as antennas to create the feeling of being burnt alive. Other frequencies can be used to create heart palpitations or induce heart attacks by disrupting the natural emf field produced by the heart.

As to the possibility of affecting mental states...hell...walk anywhere these days and you see the zombie apocalypse has already happened.


I also subscribe to Technocracy News and they had a great article on it today. I also began watching a video about Ray Kurzweil who forsees Human-Computer hybrids in the near future... I wonder if that's the "mark of the beast?"

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Maybe if you learned English you could understand it!