Epstein Island- Pedogate: The Zionist Connection

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When we use the word Jewish it encompasses a large group of very diverse people, not all of whom think the same. There are ethnic Jews, people who were born of Jewish parents. There are religious Jews, Zionist Jews, we can no more paint them all with the same brush than we can Christians. When we say the word Christian it takes into account over 42,000 sects, many of whom believe very different things. Having said that, I don't want people to think that I'm trying to condemn all Jews... to me there are only two kinds of people- good and bad.

In yesterday's post I wrote about Epstein's Island being a Mossad honey trap, where politicians, members of the Royal Family and other dignitaries in and out of government are photographed and filmed in compromising circumstances for purposes of blackmail. It is also a site for religious ceremonies of a very dark variety. I went back and rewatched a video that I'll post that gives a pretty good description of the history of Judaism- I'll post it at the end.

When Moses went up the mountain, the elders- 70 of them- had to wait at the foot. When he came down he found that they had made an idol from the gold jewlery of the people. Judaism had its first schism... there were Mosaic Jews, the Jews of the Old Testament Prophets, and the Pharisees who came to make up the Sanhedrin. They came to prominence during the Babylonian Captivity, as both the scribes and Pharisees, who Jesus came to call "hypocrites and children of the devil." These are the Jews that saw Jesus as a threat to their power over the people and the ones that called for his crucifixion.

During their captivity and afterward- many stayed in Babylon long after- they adopted many of the practices of the Babylonians including child sacrifices and their sexual deviations. It is from this period that the Babylonian Talmud was written. The Talmud taught that normal rape is forbidden, but perverse or unnatural rape is not a crime. This extends to children under 3 years of age, who the Talmud teaches regain their virginity (this includes both boys and girls). Also, no Jewish laws apply to Gentiles, who these particular Jews view as animals, not humans. The Christians, according to the Talmud, deserve death.

During the 700's the King of Khazaria, in the southern steppes of modern day Russia, chose Judaism as the state religion. These became the Ashkenazi. The Jews from the Holy Lands became the Sephardim. During the Middle Ages the Ashkenazi migrated west into Europe and their rituals had to go underground. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt, an Ashkenazi who studied with the Jesuits founded the Illuminati. These were Kabbalists who believed in the mystical aspects of Judaism. They went mostly by the Zohar that preached revolution. It is from this that Bolshevism came. The Zohar describes Jews as "living things" and Gentiles as "animals." It is from this particular schism among the Jews that we get the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiff's- the globalist central banking families that dominate global finance today. These are the diaspora of Jews that Jesus called "children of the devil," and that's exactly who they are and why Satanism is so prevalent among elites today.

Both sides of every war since Napoleon has been financed by these same families. I became aware about this many years ago while I was researching WWII. Something didn't make sense- Hitler was ransacking Europe rounding up all of the Jews, but he never bothered any of the Rothschilds or their many properties. Then I found out that he was getting partially funded by diamonds smuggled from S. Africa and Rhodesia to the Congo where couriers picked them up. When Cecil Rhodes died his mines were taken over by the Oppenheimer family- part of the Rothschild extended family. The Rothschilds also own the City of London Corp. along with the Crown... things were beginning not to make sense.

As the video points out, these same Jews are prominent in American media and Hollywood. These are not religious Jews, these are secular Jews that worship the same "god" as the Rothschilds and the rest of the Illuminati. These are International Zionists who use Gentiles for their nefarious purposes- remember, to them the "goy" are just animals- they can do as they please with us. Illuminati leader Albert Pike wrote about three world wars- the first two went exactly as he predicted. The third is to be "Christian" Zionists (there's really no such thing) against Muslims for dominance of the Middle East... all for the sake of Zionists. The Balfour Declaration ensured Israel for the Zionists. The declaration from Lord Balfour begins with: "Dear Lord Rothschild."

These are the people behind the curtain pulling the strings. These are the people who believe that we are just animals, and to sacrifice our children in their bizzare sexual rituals is perfectly acceptable. These are the people behind Hollywood, making movies that glorify pedophilia and cannibalism. These are the people in government like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who want to lower the age of consent to 12. These are the people behind Epstein Island... and these are the people behind Pedogate.



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Having looked into history a bit lately I had to find out that not only is history "a lie agreed upon" but there appears to be a lot of evidence suggesting that most history as we know it is also deliberately CONSTRUCTED and fake.
Putting this into context with the facts suggesting that the GENETICS of our "Best Friends Forever " are NOT pointing to "Abrahamic" ancestry, the whole picture becomes even more interesting. Looks like NOTHING is what it appears to be...
What remains though is global domination and pedophilia...

Satanism... There are two sides God & Satan... there is no such thing as moral neutrality.

with an Adam Kokesh noPresident victory we see this:
kokesh - end the fed and talmud influence.JPG

Wow! That is an informative article. Yes Christian Zionists sound like a contradiction. LOL I did not know there are that many Jews and have often misunderstood the word Zionist. Thanks @richq11

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This video helped me sort things out quite a bit... This really brings the Satanist aspect into the mix. I see two sides slugging this out- Satanic Jews and their unwitting allies vs. Religious Jews, most Muslims, and those of us that have become awake.

All roads lead to child abuse, human trafficking, Saudi Arabia <-> Zionists.
Let me be clear, Zionists are not a religious group. it's not all the Jews, or all Israelis. It's the Jewish variant of unlawul Deep State factions. Most internestingly, they work hand in hand with the Saudis, where a coup is in the making....

I tried to make that point... maybe I didn't go far enough with the distinctions. The real enemy is based in The City of London, not Tel Aviv.... Like I said in yesterday's post this is HUGE... (and complicated) It's the Vatican (but not the Catholics necessarily- only those who blindly follow anti-Pope Frankie the Commie). Religious Jews, are opposed for the most part, to Zionism. Those in Palestine were getting along fine for centuries before 1948. The Saudi's, the US (beginning with FDR), Zionists, and the British aristocracy all together in this. 9/11 was a Saudi/Mossad op. I tried not to make this too confusing!

Yeah, a Bolshevik pope who now denounces the Word of God. Unreal.
The City of London is satan's nest. At its heart, a heartless queen with nice grandmother looks. Deceiver.
The mayor, Sadist Khan, an Islamic terrorist supporter.
Now, 15 years prison in the UK for viewing 'right wing' websites.
Russia just recalled all its Students from London.

A cesspool of evil, and if the people continue to pay their BBC and watch Coronation Street, the masters of predictive, social programming, they won't take their country back.

God help them.

I hope that the house of lordies over there and traitor T May and her deep state handlers will reap their rewards when they meet their maker.

The City of London is the seat of global Zionism

....the city of London wouldn't never allow khan to have power over them!

The 'city of London' is totally separate to London, even though it resides within it. 'the city' have their own lord mayor. And police force.

This post just got me thinking about a whole lot of things...... I'm jst pondering

Thanks for sharing this informative post

good information

I am not sure that they worship a God so to speak, but think of themselves as God's. This is the problem of a history that has been so obviously manipulated.

Awesome article on a difficult subject.

thanks for update information, very good post

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Were the Rothschilds Bonapartists when they supported Napoleon?
Why are they Zionists?
If they are so powerful and Zionists why did they give away %78 of british mandate palestine to form the kingdom of jordan and let another %5 of the land right in the middle of Israel be occupied by her enemies?

Your post seems to give an easy pass to the Vatican intimating that the Vatican's problems are limited to the present pope(actually that's in a comment). It only lightly touches on Jesuit involvement and the fact that the Rothschilds are Vatican Bankers.

Does the tail wag the dog?

Those in Palestine were getting along fine for centuries before 1948.

This is garbage history, being a Dhimmi is not getting along just fine, read Marx's (a German Jew-hating Jew) description of the Jews in Jerusalem for a tale of squalor and misery under Islamic rule.

Or watch this first hand account of jewish life under islamic rule and ethnic cleansing of the entire middle east (where they had lived long before the Arabs came and colonized it)

The Forgotten Refugees - 1,000,000 Jews Expelled

Or how about the Farhud of 1941 when the Arabs of palestine's leader ( A Nazi) the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem ethnically cleansed the entire Jewish population of Iraq.

The Khazar Theory for the origin of the Ashkenazi From the excellent book The Thirteenth Tribe, is I feel erroneous but that's a post length discussion which I've been meaning to get to for some time.

This article and this video has a lot of things I disagree with which I will write about in upcoming posts and I hope you will comment on them, undoubtedly the Jews you name in this post are guilty of the crimes you charge them with and I did not miss your disclaimer in the beginning and here is my own disclaimer, the overwhelming majority of the Catholics and Muslims (and jews for that matter)I have met are generous, kind and good hearted people.
That will not stop me from standing against the ideology that enforces thought crime, enslaves entire nations(not with intricate conspiracies but the sword and flames)

I hope this doesn't seem too harsh, it is not my intention to condemn you but only to discuss this topic.

The problem in the Catholic Church began around the turn of the 20th century if not before- it is the heresy of modernism. It became manifest in Vatican II (1968). My opinion is that we've had one real pope since Pius X ... JP I. He lasted a month before they murdered him.

The only Jews I'm condemning are the spawn of the Babylonian Pharisees... It's the Zionist Rothschilds and their diaspora. I've had many friends that were Jews and what you say is true... Most people are good regardless of their origins. You must have missed the part where I said there are two types of people Good and Bad- and that's a choice.

What I see is an unholy triangle. London (financial), The Vatican (religious) and New York (the UN- political)

I didn't miss that, but I still disagree with a lot in the article, including but not limited to your(and most peoples) conflation of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
I would say the problem with the Catholic Church started with the Albigensian Crusade, continued on with 700 years of Inquitision and the Counter-Reformation was a real piece of work, I'll get to their actions in the present era.
All I'm saying is the Vatican has a program for world dominance that it has shown with real overt action time and time again.


its very informative post...thanks for sharing with us sir

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