U.S. and Israel in Syria Illegally - German Parliamentary Report

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by revoltingpeasant 11 July 2K18

The Scientific Services of the Bundestag (German Parliament) unequivocally stated that United States and Israeli military actions in Syria are in violation of United Nations law.
The Scientific Services is the official researcher for the Bundestag.

Resulting from a request by Bundestag member Alexander Neu, the report (German pdf) found both the US and Israeli justification for their intrusion into Syria without merit, while finding that Russia was there legally.
The US justifies its presence in Syria as necessary to fight Daesh (ISIS).


Not surprisingly, this news has not appeared in the Western propaganda mills; no doubt they are scrambling to find a way to dismiss it. Failing that, they will likely resort to the standard 'ignore it, and it doesn't exist' strategy.

The report gives Germany and more specifically Chancellor Angela Merkel grounds to end Germany's involvement with the US-led so-called Coalition of the Willing. However it is not clear at this early point whether Ms Merkel will be able to summon the backbone to make a stand. To date she has been hand in glove with the money interests, and her integrity has been less than stellar. Her recent cohabitation with a political adversary to hold on to power does not inspire hope. However, she could see this as an opportunity to make a bold move to reverse her declining political presence, and following the Scientific Services' advice would be in line with her current conflict with the US over President Trump's tariff imposition.

If Germany takes a stand it might encourage other US lackeys to do likewise.

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Merkel the lackey...yup

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good point, thanks

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