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Most Canadians look south and marvel at the depravity, smugly glad that their country is above the turpitude transpiring across the border.

My friends, your confidence is mistaken. What you think you see on the 'news' is deception and omission generated by the corporate propaganda mills, known to you as the media: news, entertainment, Hollywood, government bulletins and so forth.
More importantly, your perception of Canada (and of the World, for that matter) is shaped by a similar filter as those in the US and pretty much every NATO country. Canada's media serves the same purpose and the same masters as the purveyors of lies south of the 49th.

I understand your disbelief of what I say; it's not easy to doubt what's been spoon-fed to you from the crib. But before you flame me, or stop reading, have a look at this 9 June 2018 article written by Robin Mathews. He is (quote from his article bio) "a retired professor who taught English literature at Carleton University in Ottawa Ontario and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver BC. He is well known for his campaign to Canadianize the faculty and curricula of Canadian universities."

If you doubt his perspective, research, verify his arguments. I dare you.

If anything, he doesn't go far enough. He only writes of Trudeau and Harper. Nothing said about Prime Minister Jean Chretien's campaign backed with Zionist support and media intervention, including firing a newspaper editor who dared to write an editorial critical of Chretien. Or about Chretien gaining many votes by promising to stay out of the Iraq war only to secretly put Canada squarely into that war as soon as he won the election.
Or about Canada's coordinating and participating in a military coup overthrowing the first ever democratically elected leader of Haiti.
Or about a lot of things, the rot goes a long way back; it's just been well hidden. The corporate media are good at what they do.

If you doubt what I say, consider that I have been writing about this for decades. If I'm untruthful, or mistaken, there should have been at least one libel charge by now.
I would love to get a day in court, but that won't happen.

A friend of mine tried to force an issue into court. He did a sit-in at a Premier's office, and when the police were called, locked himself in the vault and broadcast the story to multiple corporate media outlets. A locksmith was called, and he was arrested, which is what he wanted.
But then a funny thing happened. Just days before his court appearance, he committed suicide. Even funnier, neither his body nor his bicycle were ever found, and the security cameras at the alleged suicide scene recorded nothing of him.

In any case, here's Mathews' piece.

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turpitude transpiring across the border

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