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Guardian Of Wolves

I'm currently away and writing this up in an internet cafe. After reading the article I've added a few paragraphs below, I just wanted to share some brief observations/connections between the control structure, the agenda, and the Guardian newspaper. Moving forward, I'm currently researching a couple of deeply interconnected organisations, plus I have a big new social engineering article that I'm working on. The posts listed at the bottom of this one provide the foundation/reasoning for all subsequent environmentally-themed research. I won't be covering much old ground so if you require a deeper context, then please don't hesitate to give them a read.


If you're curious as to why the Guardian has become akin to an agenda 2030 and elite mouthpiece, the connections above and below should provide the context. The vast majority of political/environmental information printed within this publication, are sanitised/palatable versions of elite talking points/agendas.


Here we find the Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice (D-Notice) committee thanking Guardian deputy editor (Paul Johnson) for integrating the Guardian into the security service network. Independent journalism? Yeah right!

The Chairman thanked Paul Johnson for his service to the Committee. Paul had joined the Committee in the wake of the Snowden affair and had been instrumental in re-establishing links with the Guardian. Source


Cities From Scratch

So, onto the reason that I've linked this to my environmental posts. Firstly, the Rockefeller support for the Guardian cities initiative is part of their resilient cities program, which is also partnered with (among others) the world bank and WWF.

100 Resilient Cities—Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. Source

I was reading one such (Rockefeller foundation supported) article in the Guardian which speaks to the new city boom and reminded me of my previous observations around agenda 21/2030. Within my post I observed that:

The agenda seeks total control of the human domain and rights of travel and self-determinism. The gradual removal of people from the countryside and into smart city (see the rise of the "virtuous" tiny home movement) high-density housing. The end of private ownership and (I believe) the insidious erosion of the family unit.

The UN’s own figures forecast that by 2050 2/3 of the world’s population will be living in cities, this information is further echoed in the above article. It's not too difficult to envisage that after some form of financial crash people could be pushed towards the city and promises of help. My guess is that many will lose their houses and that eventually a perceived "virtuous" private enterprise (ultimately connected to the same power structure) will start buying up the (relatively) cheap housing stock, bankrupt housing associations, building tiny houses in ever higher density and then renting them at an affordable (or subsidised) rate (with provisos). Mass private ownership will become relegated to history and property will become increasingly centralised and under the jurisdiction of a governing body.

Guardian 3.PNG

Equally, the cities are intended to be fully automated smart cities, with a strong emphasis on surveillance and control of the population. Increasingly new builds will be smart by design with the internet/wi-fi/sensors and microphones (that will be marketed as voice activated) built into their every wall/ceiling and floorspace, a google spy in every house. In the older cities, the houses will be retrofitted and with smart systems (like a cutting edge Alexa) built into their every aspect. The city of the future is intended to be one of bland corporate high street uniformity, a level playing ground (pay to play) system that only the technocratic/corporate behemoths can afford to play in. Equally, the rush towards the perceived safety of the city environment, could see the creation of shanty towns on their outskirts.

Moser says the money to be made is staggering – measured in the trillions of dollars. “It’s extremely lucrative,” she adds. “There are real estate and tech companies circling like sharks.” Source


Our Smart City Future

We can now observe our smart city future being drawn into mainstream talking points, this is the first loop of the entrainment cycle. This Rockefeller cities sponsored Guardian article speaks to our intended smart city future. The concept revolves around removing human populations from 50% of the earth's landmass and into high-density city living.

There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago. But, as EO Wilson has argued, they can all survive – in cities Source

The concept was originally put forward by the biologist, theorist, and naturalist E.O Wilson. Again, I have no problem in accepting that Wilson may very well have the very best of intentions and some valid ideas. Equally, I also have no problem considering whether his concepts are being drawn into the broader narratives of our encroaching climatocracy. This system gathers power by controlling the narrative, if the narratives are aligned it doesn't need to control the individual. Indeed, it is worthy of note that Wilson was a Rockefeller University Lewis Thomas prize recipient for his similar themed letter to Thoreau.


Make no mistake; whilst we discuss, the cities of our future are being built and the cities of our past are being "regenerated". Ultimately regeneration (gentrification) is code for pushing all non-wealth out of the city center and into high-density housing on its periphery. In our favour is the fact that although the system architects are very clever, their sycophantic button pushers are often dogmatic and lack the ability to think on their feet. If we know the intent and the methodology, they can be taken off script/track and thus can be beaten.

Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

I've already alluded to (and written about) a financial crash pushing people towards the cityscape, but what else could be a contributary factor? Why are the UN so emboldened in their belief that the future for humanity resides in city living? Personally, I believe that there is going to be a breakdown in the food chain and that people will be drawn towards the city out of sheer desperation. I believe this breakdown will occur due to the approaching solar minimum, but that the scene has been set to attach blame to a populace who will all too willingly surrender freedom for food and the false veneer of protection.

I feel that the best advice I can give anyone at this moment in time is to become as self-reliant as possible. If you can't already, then learn how to grow your own food. If you live in the city, reach out to neighbours or food co-operatives, now is the time to network, you do not want to be waiting in line for your next meal! Where possible, be nice to people and look out for one another, something tells me that we're going to need each other. Although (I feel) we're moving into an era of great challenge, our challenges often offer us our greatest opportunities.

Anyway I read the article with interest, so thought I'd briefly share some of the thoughts it inspired. I'm not going to be online very much until after the weekend and so any missed comments will be replied to upon my return. Thank you for reading!

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I had no idea the Guardian was funded by those guys. Hangs head in shame.

I find the whole tiny house movement kinda bizarre. After tiny living for years in trucks, buses and caravans on squatted land, its odd to see it so legitimized in society so it wouldnt suprise me if there was an ulterior motive for it all.

Im not sure there would be mass migration to cities here in Australia. We are too much of the land for that. Country means a lot to us. The rise of surveillence is insane... that certainly terrifies me! I am all for revitalizing and revamping how we live in cities, and there are awesome architecture visions out there, but the automated, monitored aspect of it takes away more freedoms than it gives by providing liveability.

Like in any era in human history, self reliance is the key. Continuing to plant on my 5 acres of nearly independence. Except.. this fucking smart meter on my house. No hot water and they will charge 770 for call out if its not the meter they say never breaks. How can your average Joe afford that?? Why do we need it anyway and why has a power company been given so much.. well, power? Ugh.

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Hey @riverflows .. hope you've been well?

I had no idea the Guardian was funded by those guys. Hangs head in shame.

It's crazy really, if you're prepared to put in the time, research and unravel the myriad of names.. you can see that (eventually) the vast majority of all major brands, institutions, corporations etc etc can all be traced back to the same system I wrote about in the Green Phoenix posts and have much more to share on.

As for the tiny houses, yes I feel it is one aspect of a larger social experiment whose ultimate intent is to convince people that less is more, in fact .. its actually a virtue .. in future years it wouldn't surprise me if people will probably come to boast about how small their tiny house is, tiniest house competitions .. hell I may even trademark that! lol

Like in any era in human history, self reliance is the key. Continuing to plant on my 5 acres of nearly independence.

Exactly and very smart move! I've been using lots of spare time .. planting, growing and trying out different rotation methods, If you actually look around you begin to realise how much of a finely tuned machine the worlds food engine is, it's also completely unsustainable .. one cog out of place ...

Yes, by their recommendations there will be a third left in the countryside and I imagine that will vary by country and culture .. for some it won't be much of a change, for others it will be huge. People that live week to week and cue in the supermarket for their food will (I feel) find in increasingly difficult. You can rest assured I won't be moving into the city!!

They keep trying to pressure me into getting a smart meter .. but I've refused. I think there is a condition which a Dr can verify that makes people allergic to wi-fi etc, and some are using that to get them changed. Basically, within the house of the future everything will have a microchip, including lightbulbs, food packaging etc etc .. these can all communicate with the smart meter, and I can honestly imagine a day when we're charged for food waste, excess carbon emissions, exceeding electricity quotas .. you name it, if you can equate such a system as frugal environmentalism/fighting climate change .. I'm sure (in years to come) the majority will believe it to be a great idea. Thank you my friend.

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Your articles are very impressive, informative, and well written.

Thank you for the kind words and support @sunlit .. really glad you appreciate my articles, I have much more to come on this subject matter. Just arrived back home, from a few days away .. hence the late reply.