False Celebrations

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Don't be a zombie. Think outside the box.

Major competitions, huge events and other charming ways of attracting the attention of the masses have always been used by the ruling elite in order to keep people busy with insignificant stuff. In the meanwhile, they can handle their dirty business and pass legislation without getting noticed at all.

They do it every summer as well, mainly due to the fact that the sheeple are too busy looking to get laid or getting wasted at some beach party. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the good life as well and I never said that life should only be about politics; however the mindless masses live life on the opposite edge, they just couldn't give a dime. As long as their favourite song (probably talking about sex and parties) is on the radio life is good man!

And those awesome cheeseburgers from Mc Donald's right? Life is good man, who cares about all those central banks trying to ruin the world for profit and get us all enslaved, working all day long to generate a currency in order to pay for stuff we don't need with funds we don't have. Come on man, who cares about those billionaires who have turned our only planet into some sort of industrial complex giving zero f's about the environment and the future generations.

"How could you waste all your life living like this man? I mean, seriously, you didn't watch the World Cup and kept researching on the internet because you're worried about the future of humanity?? Get real man! Kanye's show begins in a couple hours, get ready to party!"

Yeah, right. I am the problem child, I see.

I'm glad if I made you think about it.

Catch you around with some more truth soon.


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