Free Yourself From The Thought Police

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The media is extremely dangerous and controlling. (This extends to corporate America in general. I focus on the media because that’s where this hellish nightmare is most pronounced.)

When celebrities go rogue and try to express their own thoughts, they get more and more attention. Unfortunately advertisers distance themselves from these free thinking people because the unpredictability. Being able to control the lives and thoughts of people is the goal of the mainstream media. It’s a toxic spiral staircase. They keep people on the treadmill of superficial success without allowing people to truly express their own thoughts.

We are so close to breaking through this mental roadblock. Let’s not give up. People thinking for themselves is a very worthy goal, and I am optimistic that we are on the precipice of a breakthrough.

Image from 1984 is from


Great post. I agree that we are close to breaking through and exposing the agenda driven media and corporations. Reasonable people both Left and Right are starting to wake up and form their own opinions rather than blindly following celebrities, politicians, media and our institutions.

Thanks for the optimistic comment my friend.

The thought police on the left HATE the idea that there are other ideas...
#ExposeTheLeft 👇👇
Dc6fNVIV0AAY-cV (1).jpg

Great image. I grew up as a huge Eminem fan. He is/was so talented, but he seems lost and desperate to seem relevant to the brainwashed youth. It’s sad that he’s become phoney and confused.

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