Remember when I told you about Petro being a SCAM coin? Well, their masterminds have just talked:

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If you check @primeraplana spanish headlines of 5/19, you will see this headline in the Alt - Right media section:

The Petro is the ill-loved son of two Russians very close to the scandal -
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The article centers it focus on two individuals: Fedor Bogorodsky and Denis Druzhkov, and how they pulled off the Petro cryptocurrency project because of some irregularities.

Bogorodsky states in the interview that they offered a highly succesful project, with three phases:

  • The issuance of tokens
  • Build a payment system, by lending.
  • Build, (or find) an stock exchange for the cryptocurrency.

The Petro was announced on February 20th. With great fanfare. Bogorodsky, representing a russian enterprise called Zeus was among the ones there in the press conference. He also gave an interview for Telesur. As always you can turn on subs in your language:

"Venezuela is the first nation that has taken a real step towards the global digital economy. This step will not only improve the economy of Venezuela and all of Latin America, but will eliminate all current barriers to economic relations at the level of nations, continents and inhabitants of the globe."

Fedor Bogorodsky, February 20th, 2018

So, he was the main tech supporter of the Petro Project.

However, less than a quarter after those exultant words, the same Bogorodskiy reneges on the Petro and incurs, during an interview for in Montevideo, in a tangle of contradictions that obscures his already fragile explanation of how he arrived to participate in the business.

His partner, Denis Druzhkov, was cast out of the company they claimed to represent. Remember when I talk about an entreprise called Zeus? Well, in April, they sent two press releases, on the 4th and 13rd of that month:

Singapore - April 4 - Crypto Zeus ex-employee was mentioned in the media inconnection to Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro through the last couple of weeks.

President Trump has recently banned this newly issued cryptocurrency.

The top-management of the company officially states that Crypto Zeus has no business with Venezuelan cryptocurrency emission and development. Our former employee was privately engaged by a third party to provide technology expertise on this project while breaking the code of conduct of our company.

Crypto Zeus team has a unique expertise at the crossection of classic finance and crypto, and our employees are being in high demand all over the world. However, we have never outsourced this expertise to questionable parties by any company representative.

We have no plans to include Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro token to trade at Crypto Zeus trading platform, as well as any other restricted cryptocurrency. This restriction extends to all future customers of the platform, all employees, partners and contractors, and to all activities on Crypto Zeus platform and any other Crypto Zeus related services. Our compliance standards are based on fulfillment of all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and restrictions.

ZEUS 2018-04-04 Statement on El Petro

Singapore - 13 April 2018 – On 10th of April the Ministry of Communication of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela referred to the existence of the agreement between the government and Zeus company.

The Ministry of Communications cited that, allegedly, our company manages the cryptocurrency technology platform El Petro under aforementioned agreement.

Venezuelan President also mentioned our company several times in his public appearances and social media.

In this regard, Board of Directors officially states that Crypto Zeus PTE LTD have never signed any of the following, and never intends to:

  • Any agreements with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and it’s governmental bodies;

  • Any business or personal contracts with the representatives of the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;

  • Board of Directors have never authorized agreements, contracts, memorandums or other legit forms of contractual agreements with all mentioned parties.

We have also earlier declared that Crypto Zeus PTE LTD has no business with Venezuelan cryptocurrency emission and development.

ZEUS 2018-04-13 Crypto ZEUS Board of Directors Statement on El Petro

Why did this happen after all of this fanfare? reports that "Part of the answer lies in a series of dangerous relationships that Bogorodsky, the technological promoter at the start of the Petro, maintained with businessmen from Russia and Latvia who participated in some of the most scandalous financial scandals in those countries. These links are evident when reviewing documents from business registers included in the so-called Paradise Papers, a project coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), based in Washington DC, based on a filtering that He obtained the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, Germany."

Also, it reports about Aerotrading, a shelf company owned by Bogorodsky since 2013. It was the one that was going to bring the base tech support for the Petro. And he talks about previous partners in other failed ventures that are also working on the Petro project, and how he competed against 30-40 opponents to get the deal.

This is his opinion about what's happening with the project:

"Maduro looked in Petro a political propaganda flag. It is not an instrument to solve problems such as inflation. That's why, at that moment, I told Denis 'it seems to me that we can not participate here anymore because it is dangerous' (...) We offered to put together three parts of the project: issue cryptocurrencies, build a payment system, because there has to be a lending, you can not use cryptocurrency on the street, and put together a stock exchange. My opinion is that Venezuela does not have money to put together all that project, and that is why they eliminated the two most important parts, the payment system and the stock exchange. They left only the cryptocurrency issuance part. I do not see any future for this project."

And btw, they claim that they never got paid for anything:

"We work for three weeks and we do not have a bolivar from the Venezuelan government. They did not pay us anything, not even a peso (...) We have a trademark agreement, which is not strictly a contract. When you do an assessment, it depends on how many hours you work, what consultations you provide. We put together an idea, a vision and they did not pay us anything yet. "

Well, judge by yourselves.

If you want to read the full investigation, you can read it here.

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