Almost a 70 rep, and my last 5 posts are worth $.01 ?!?!?...I'M DONE HERE.

in #informationwar11 months ago

...and the change of ownership has done nothing to address the constant downvoting by people who never even post or add anything of value here.

I thought "communities" were supposed to stop this crap.



Somebody email me if they ever deal with this issue.

Stay safe and well everyone.

God bless.



Your last 5 posts also yielded quite a bit of POINT tokens on Steem Engine. But hey, you are too dumb to understand what you are using anyways.

Who am I kidding? He muted me, so he can't see this anyhow. lol

Nothing to see here. Just a guy who doesn't understand the tech he's using.


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good riddance you are trash

Arent moderators able to boot downvoters?

There are moderators for each "community" or hive. They can't stop people from upvoting or downvoting. They only control what is displayed.

If you are talking about Steem Engine Tribes, then there are things mods can do which affect tribe token rewards only.

There are no moderators.. steemit is decentralized platform so that is not how it works..

Well it was a simple question in regards to the new communities if they did or didn't have that ability for those who create communities. When a person can buy and have influence into a company, site or crypto and greatly effect its environment if they so choose well that doesnt sound all that decentralized especially when you might have to fork just to survive and keep going what was originally intended.

Apparently there are highly centralized blacklists that can permanently hide all your posts across multiple interfaces.

That's de facto centralized moderation.

Wow, thats fucking crazy.. Just another way for the witnesses to fuck other people.. If its not bidbots or now downvotes, apparently its also blacklists.. these fucking people are just as bad as a central authority, they just try to make it look like they are "decentralized" when that is not at all the case, its more of an oligarchy here, which is just as bad as centralization.. LoL..

You'll love this 2 minute clip from @lucylin,

"Don't worry, we'll soon get back to our regular oligarchy."

Lmao!! So fuckin funny! Gotta love @lucylin's sense of humor.. he nailed it with this one.. Dont worry bro, im leaving steemit too, fuck this totalian regime that leaches off the rest of us..

Sorry to see you go my friend. It sucks pretty bad that You have been dealing with this bullshit for so long, far longer than i would have been able to. Hopefully you will find a different/better platform to share your important information with people.. Unfortunately it seems like we are getting more n more sensored by the day and new platforms like eos voice wont be any better 😔
Good luck friend, take care.

Thanks, MDH....You've always been one of the few TRULY GOOD guys!

I refuse to continue throwing my pearls before swine, as the Good Book says....

I don't blame you one bit my friend. Thank you for all your hard work, some of us did really appreciate it! I hope you can find a good new platform to really push your message because we need as many #truthers in the world as possible. Either way, you will be missed here. Take care and God Bless.

Thanks, bro. Backatcha!

They COULD always deal with the situation of people who never post being allowed to downvote every post of someone they don't like, and I might come back.... Not holding my breath.

Most of the flaggers has put their tails behind and run to their hive site. I hope they dont come back.


Suggestion good sir. Make your content available on multiple platforms. Keep it on Steem too though. Even if you only just post it here and that's it, walk away and don't care about the payout. The information is far more important. You are doing work for souls. Consider this space as a voice. The financial fuckery going on here isn't worth worrying about any $$.
Please keep your messages to the Souls coming. They are watching you even if you don't get $.
Thank you for your work.

I don't know. The Bible does say that a workman is worthy of his hire, and it also says not to throw your pearls before swine...

Thanks, though.

I agree. What I meant was that, if you put your work on multiple platforms, then you won't be working 'extra' and still getting your message out.
And yes I agree with the payouts being whacked and ridiculous. I just think they want folks like you to leave.

hello matey.

I'm now under bloomy's gaze! (surprised?) - Just like yourself, got it.

I can't tell you what I'm gonna do, but if you want to help out (and you're not powering down) - perhaps you might consider giving (or delegating) your hive/steem funds to help fight the good fight?
Help me in sticking it to the bullies...?

I ain't letting this go - And I ain't just playing 'defensive'.lol.
I don't need the money from here any longer - but I do need to teach some fucking manners.
(you know that any support will all go towards the good cause, with me.)

I hope you are doing well, matey, and don't let the bastard grind you down!

Am happy to see that your posts are not being flaag. Excellent work on your articles.

If you leave now, then bloom and the downvote gang get exactly what they want.

Consider declining payouts (like me!)

I know it sounds insane, but hear me out.

Imagine steem without voting. Imagine they just Hard-Forked voting right out of the whole thing altogether.

What's left?

A lot of really awesome stuff, that's what!!

The delegation system is amazing (way better than pa.treon). The steem-token transfer system is amazing (way better than v.enmo or credit-cards or banks). The blogging system is amazing (way better than tw.itter or fa.cebuk). It's all super-awesome!!

I'll even send you over a steem-delegation now.

Right, and already has an easy tipping button marked "transfer" right next to your avatar image.


Sorry, but I will not participate in a platform that condones--even ENCOURAGES--the type of blatant censorship that @bloom is allowed to conduct any longer.

Thanks for taking the time to care, though. I appreciate it.

Please let me know if you find something better. Even a decent steem front-end that ignores rep and ignores blacklists and ignores downvoting and allowes quick and easy tips (not limited to seven days) and quick and easy steem-delegations would be nice (perhaps "following" someone could automatically include a 0.001 steem-delegation or something).

Perhaps something like this?

@freedompoint says,

"Yes, that was version 1.0 to get the ball rolling last summer. Since then we have completely reconstructed it and rebuilt it like a whole new animal. We have gone through a name change and logo change aswell. It was it is just Innerblocks".