Roger Waters: Breaking the Walls

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This man is not only a rock legend. His name is firmly attached to the golden era of Pink Floyd, when they achieved international success with the concept albums The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall. Almost 40 years after The Wall, he has more walls than ever to break…

While being activist for the most of his life, people tended to treat his clear political messages as a rock music primarily. But after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent tsunami disaster, Waters started actively helping with performances (“Wish You Were Here” with Eric Clapton during a benefit concert on the American network NBC), as a spokesman for Millennium Promise, a non-profit organisation that helps fight extreme poverty and malaria, helping United States military veterans, and support Palestinian movement BDS against Israeli occupation.

His activism brought him the highest recognition — In October 2016 American Express refused to fund his North America tour due to his anti-Zionist rhetoric at a previous festival sponsored by the financial company, and in November 2016 Citibank joined American Express, refusing to sponsor upcoming tour of Roger Waters.

The man is born to break the walls. He has deserved to be heard.

Duration: 28:22

More about Roger Waters and his work at his YouTube channel, and (I never thought I’d put a link to fakebook here) Facebook page… with hope he will discard it and come to Steemit.


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Prava legenda, i jedno zdravopametno ljudsko biće!


zdravopametno? ne znam koliko bih se slozila sa tim, ako komentarisem samo njegov period u bendu. podrzavam sav dobronamerni rad ali isto tako budimo realni kako svet danas funkcionise i ne moze ga promeniti ni samo jedan poznatiji covek. koliko je sad zreo da menja svet, a pre 30-40-50 godina nije hteo da se makne sa crne tacke

Was blessed to be able to witness his final North American concert of "The Wall" in Quebec City on the Plains of Abraham in 2012. A spiritual event.

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