BREAKING NEWS: Kicking the Can

in informationwar •  5 months ago  (edited)

Theresa May has survived no-confidence vote: 200 in favor 117 against…

It looks like Tory MPs were scared to death of Labour Government possibility. Jeremy Corbyn scarecrow was enough to spare Theresa May of furter humiliation and let her continue her policy of kicking the can in regards to Brexit…

Source: EUractive — Andy Rain/EPA/EFE

Yes, the consequences of her “deal” will be dire on Britain, but as all politicians, Tories would rather like a day more in power than real solving of the UK problems.

So, what we can expect now? A spectacular breakthrough? Haven’t we saw that picture already?

Theresa May brings assurances from Berlin and Brussels…

Oh, sorry, wrong photo. Does anybody have the right one?


e-vizitka - 2017-10-28_131026-mala.jpg

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I think i have the photo of which you were referring @lighteye


Technically, it should be the British Prime Mistress, but thanks for your support, @gomeravibz :)


Oh dear I am sorry i must have messed up somehow ! Well same difference, one backed globalist agent is as good as another No @lighteye?