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[Текст на српском] Ten+ years after the starting of bitcoin protocol, the news finally came to the U.S. Congress and the Administration. Just in time to expose them as a bunch of ignorant, greedy clowns…

In May, Congressman Brad Sherman (D. California), an outspoken critic of bitcoin, called for a bill to ban all cryptocurrencies, because they have endangered U.S. power based on the dollar as a global reserve currency. But it seems that all hell broke loose only with Facebook’s announcement of their “cryptocurrency” called libra. A month ago, first voices of panic came from Capitol Hill, screaming in defense of the dollar. The very same Brad Sherman compared libra to the September 11 attacks on America’s World Trade Center! And thanks to Facebook’s centralized fraud, in July, a Congress debate on cryptocurrencies started with just ten years too late…

Of course, you could expect that the most important people in the government would have they say on this topic… showing complete lack of understanding!


True, POTUS doesn’t have to know everything. That’s why he have advisors, banking people who run, for example, United States Treasury…

Duration: 6:29

You can have complete press conference here and see what a disaster that was:

Duration: 28:01

This clown, by the name of Steven Mnuchin, United States Secretary of the Treasury, is vowing not to allow illicit activities in bitcoin, while the narco dollar criminals, like JPMorgan bank, are trafficking cocaine on their ships! Even CNN reported on this cargo ship with 20 tons of cocaine! That one shipment was worth $1.3 billion dollars (yes, paid in dollars, not in bitcoin), while DEA identified just about $550 million of dollars worth in illicit activities in bitcoin — under 1% of bitcoin value during 10 years of its existence. Compare that to $300 billion dollars worth fiat currencies (predominantly dollar itself) DOJ identified as illicit proceeds of fraud, narcotics, crimes and others, in 2018 only! The difference is staggering. If you want to explain such statements, you have to understand who Steven Mnuchin is:

[Starting at 12:25] Stacy Herbert: I want to quickly say that Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary. who said also that bitcoin is backed by thin air, is nothing but thin air, I want to mention that he did make his fortune on issuing mortgage-backed security fraudulent documents, and then buying one west up out of the collapse, and then they backdated key documents the mortgage documents that proved the collusion.

Max Keiser: Let’s keep that in mind, he was guilty of backdating key financier documents to sell thin air.

Stacy Herbert: Again back to that injustice the two-tiered system he got away with in fact he became Treasury secretary…

Looks like the only one from the financial top with some serious notion of cryptocurrencies is FED Chair Jerome Powell. He actually uttered that “bitcoin is a store of value, like gold”:

On the other hand, Con-gress(wo)men had a hard time to listen a testimony of the Congressman Patrick McHenry (R. North Carolina), ranking member of the Financial Services Committee, who obviously has quite good knowledge about bitcoin. At the congressional hearing on July 17th 2019, he stated the following:

“The world that Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the bitcoin white paper, envisioned is an unstoppable force. We should not attempt to deter this innovation … those who have tried have already failed.”

Furthermore, it seems that there is a hidden support for bitcoin among some ranking members of Congress, which makes a clear distinction between bitcoin and libra, and they implicitly dismissed Trumps demands to banking regulation of bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra

Well, libra is different from the dollar in at least two ways:

  1. As a fraud, it is much more dangerous. It can track ALL your transactions. And you can be ‘demonetized’ in a split second. Much worse than cash.
  2. As an electronic system of payment, it is much more efficient and should be cheaper than dollar electronic payment systems, like SWIFT, MasterCard or Visa. It can reveal to the global audience that dollar system was actually a giant robbery scheme, which has allowed financial plutocracy enormous profits on a sole basis of owning it.

Also, as our Ben Swann (@benswann and @isegoria) has explained, while bitcoin will takeover, billions of people exposed to (toxic) libra, will be inadvertently introduced into real cryptocurrencies which will allow them to ditch the robbing banks altogether:

Starting at 18:00

That truly scares bureaucratic mites nested in the government institutions. They will lose their powers derived from corruption and shamelessness, and will have to work something really useful and creative to survive. Can you imagine their horror?


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