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You have to hear it to believe it!

Watch this interview and you will see how absolutely heartless this Zionist pig is regarding the slaughter of hundreds innocent Palestinian children.

He totally approves and justifies this war crime. It made me sick to my stomach to hear this verbal vomit coming out of his devil'ish pie hole (and I have a very strong stomach!).

So guess what everyone, meet yet another heartless billionaire as a presidential candidate who will ensure more funding and slaughter to the Zionists who have taken control of Israel whilst enriching his cronies from the Military-Industrial-Complex, not forgetting his rich Wall Street banking buddies (for whom Bloomberg magazine never exposes the true extent of their criminal activities).

Sadly, for these reasons, something tells me the MSM will push this guy to the front of the line for the ticket. Wait for it....

Time to get the news out regarding this heartless warmonger. Spread far and wide.

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They have this under control

Nice graphic. Says it all, doesn't it? Recent news also showing more theft of land by Israel in Hebron, supported of course by the Trump admin. Sickening.

Sickening, and expecting any billionaire to be on the side of ordinary people is insanity at it's finest.

Have you seen his ad that is being pushed all over YouTube. "He [Bloomberg] will increase taxes on the rich..." LMFAO!

Do they really think even lefty libtards are that gullible?

Yes I think they do, those that are detached from reality,