The 3 Stooges Urge You to Vote Democrat!

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In recent days, the former leaders of U.S. Intelligence Agencies have come out urging American Voters to vote only for Democrats in the upcoming Mid Term Election. They don't care about the substance of the candidate, they just want us to vote for ALL Democrats. Why might this be occurring?

Well maybe it is because as these "Collusion" investigations continue, it is becoming more apparent that these specific leaders are the true colluders and will further be exposed to possible criminal charges. They are desperate for Democrats to gain back control in November so these investigations can be terminated and no further findings will be uncovered.

Let's face it, every objective American (both Left and Right) has now seen how the U.S. Intelligence Agencies at the highest levels have been weaponized for Political Purposes. James Comey has been exposed at minimum as a Liar and at worst a criminal. James Brennan has been exposed as a Liar and a Leaker which could lead to criminal charges, and James Clapper at minimum has been exposed as a Leaker and Liar as well. These 3 people have a very vested interest in seeing the cover up continue. And their only hope is to secure a Democrat Victory in November.

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