Repetitive/Hypocritical Fake Outrage from the LEFT and MSM isn't Working!!!

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The Mainstream Media and Never Trump Establishment continues with their Hypocritic Fake Outrage in executing their Destroy Trump. Their new strategy of Fake Outrage is insinuating that Trump is not Patriotic and is in fact a Traitor for not immediately supporting the U.S. Intelligence Agencies assessment of Russia and Putin.

This is the SAME MSM and Establishment that just days ago were calling Trump a Nationalist that was alienating the rest of the world with his America First policies. How hypocritical is this?

This is the SAME MSM and Establishment that is trashing Trump for his position on Kneeling for the National Anthem.

This is the SAME MSM that just last week trashed President Trump for only looking out for the United States interest during the NATO Meetings, where he merely asked that other countries pay their fair share.

This is the SAME MSM and Establishment that are appalled at President Trump's view on Illegal Immigration. A view which places the Rights of American Citizens and Legal Immigrants above others.

It amazes me how they can now call him unpatriotic after trashing him for a couple of years now for being too patriotic and nationalistic!

What the MSM and Never Trump Establishment have severely underestimated is the intelligence of the Average American. We see right through this. The Fake Outrage and Attempts to Disparage this President is now reached the point where it has reached a "crying wolf" point. Average Americans now fully expect CNN, MSNBC, etc. to never give Trump any credit but 100% of the blame. Honestly, these networks have actually attempted to convince Americans that the tax cuts and bonuses that they are now receiving are bad for them! With this type of logic, how can they be expected to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, our Mainstream Media has become so bias and partisan that none of them can be trusted. From a business perspective there is no room for a down the middle news organization with True Journalists, it just is not profitable anymore to report news vs. creating news.

While many Americans still watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc., but they now watch it with much more skepticism and with the following frame of reference:

If CNN and MSNBC are trying to convince me that something is BAD for me, then in reality it must be GOOD for me!

If Fox News tells me that an issue is relevant, and Trump's take on it is 100% correct, I should assume that the issue is indeed relevant, but I should probably tap the brakes and assess for myself whether I agree with Trump's stance on the issue!

Thoughts and follows appreciated @joelfriedman68

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