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MSM Pundits Calling for Shadow Government to Take Over!

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CNN's Phillip Mudd and Pundits/Personalities on other Left Leaning MSM are now calling for the "Shadow Government" to take over and save us from Trump. Imagine that, they want to save us from lower taxes, lower unemployment, lower ILLLEGAL immigration, and policies that place America first.

For those of you that still don't believe that the U.S. has a "Deep State" that works hand in hand with the Left Leaning MSM, this should not eliminate much of your doubt.

These calls for a shadow government are coming from extremely high levels and should be taken very seriously- they are not making these statements for shock value. They are actually resolved that the American Voter will now never give them what they are looking for- power! And the only way for them to get their power back is by "overthrowing" a duly elected President!

To the Deep State and MSM, the will of the people is irrelevant unless it supports their ability to maintain their stranglehold and control of Power. Up until this point, they have been trying to accomplish this covertly with Fake News, Fake Outrage, Special Counsels, Negative Reporting, using Liberal Judges to block Executive Orders, threats of Impeachment, and other nefarious acts of outright harassment in an attempt to drive this President's approval rating to such a low percentage that they would be able to remove this man from office and make the people think that it was actually their idea!

Now that they are seeing that these tactics are not working, they are forced to come out of hiding to continue their effort through these calls for a shadow government. Those that once thought that these were merely conspiracy theories are now coming to terms with the fact that it should be taken more seriously. And the more people that take it seriously, the better chance we have of preventing it.

Come November, we need to only elect candidates (both Left and Right) that display a desire to Govern rather than Rule!!!!

Thoughts and Follows Appreciated @joelfriedman68

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