Middle Americans Want Truth Not Rhetoric!

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Middle Americans, Left, Right and Independent are growing tired.

  • Tired of a Partisan Mainstream Media that places controlling the narrative over disseminating truth!
  • Tired of Establishment Politicians that are more concerned about Party Politics than they are meaningful legislation.
  • Tired of Extremism both Left and Right.
  • Tired of False Outtage intended to ensight the Extreme Left and Right.
    -Tired of being told that there is no room for Middle Ground and Negotiating to reach reasonable solutions to complex problems.
  • Tired of a Deep State that believes that average Americans are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions.
  • Tired of the lack of civility being displayed by our elected officials.
  • Tired of being ostracized for having an opinion that may differ from others.

Average Americans are thirsty for the truth, and they want to use the truth as the basis for their decisions. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be many reliable sources to get the truth.

Average Americans know that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. deliver a Destroy Trump and Republican agenda while Fox News delivers a Destroy CNN, MSNBC and Destroy Democrat Agends. Neither are really interested in the truth unless it supports their agenda. And the same goes for Deep State Officials and Establishment Politicians- who are more interested in self preservation than they are interested in the truth.

Therefore, Average Americans have no place to turn to gain an objective Macro view of the world and they are forced to a micro view of their existence. This micro view is based on very short term perspectives to base their opinions. They are making their decisions based on what they see and experience over what they read or hear.

  • Am I able to provide for my family?
  • Is my family secure?

From a micro perspective, in my opinion, these are the 2 most important issues for Average Americans. And while the other issues (Russian meddling, Immigration Reform, NATO, etc.) are important, the Average American’s growing distrust of the Establishment and MSM make it difficult for them to believe anything they read or hear regarding these macro issues.


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