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The Trump White House Wants to Know

This is our opportunity to be heard. Multitudes of stories are being reported about censorship, banning or suspensions over philosophical or political issues. Freedom of speech is freedom of all speech. Only people who hate freedom will silence"hate speech", rather than addressing it with their own freedom of speech.

If you have been suspended or censored on any social media, consider reporting the incident to the White House here.

Teach Your Children about Freedom of Speech!

The Tuttle Twin books teach young children about constitutional concepts, like limited government, non-aggression, economic freedom and libertarian ideals.

A new book will be coming out soon about true education, rather than indoctrination. Check out the Tuttle Twin books, You'll be glad you did. Make sure oppressive censorship does not continue to grow to our next generation.



Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of four wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Steemit enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


This is great news!

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Yes, very good news. Now I wonder what will come of it?

These seem like good books for kids! I also like Ron Paul's book series. After all, I'm pretty sure he was THERE for the signing of the declaration of independence! ;)

Lol he probably shook hands with GW. One of the Tuttle twins books is dedicated to Ron Paul. :-)

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He's a great man, especially considering he's a politician! lol

Seems like as more and more of this happens people will start looking for other ways to be able to express themselves without being censored! I think there probably some here on Steemit because of that reason!

Yes, many people exiled from mainstream social media are here.

Yes, many people
Exiled from mainstream social
Media are here.

                 - ironshield

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

LOL, i'm a poet and didn't even knowit.

These poetry bots are getting on my nerves....

Careful, that statement sounds dangerously close to poetry.

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It better not be! ;)

Cool book. I need to pick up a copy for my son.

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My children (currently ages 3 - 6 years old) really enjoy all of these book. They like the stories and the photos - the advance concepts are more subtle, but I think they're picking up on them!

You're welcome! I hope many people make their cases known - and something is done about it.

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