Invite Information Warriors to Steem and earn upvotes! Week 1

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Hey everyone @truthforce writing

This is a task available to all Steemians!

The goal of this is to bring more Information Warriors to the Steem platform. This initiative will happen every week. Many people are being censored and demonetized across the internet for getting the truth out there or "having wrong think(TM)". Lets bring them to Steem where they can blog/post/comment/upload videos(3speak and without fear!


  • When posting or commenting or making a video for Twitter/FB/Youtube/Reddit post this link and let people know to make a thread on that subreddit if they would like a free Anonymous account created for them
  • Has to be at least two total posts on any of the following platforms, Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/Youtube
  • Take a screenshot of your posts or comments and make a Steemit post about it
  • Link your Steemit post on this post
  • Upvote & Resteem this post if you are participating.
  • The @informationwar account and the curation trail followers will upvote your post with a small upvote!

Some helpful hints for where to go on Twitter/Reddit/Facebook/Youtube

  • Twitter - Make a tweet or a reply to someone else in the #censorship or #freespeech tags, many people there are looking for new places to join

  • Reddit - Make a post or comment to someone in a subreddit that is pro free speech or where Information Warriors would be. For example /r/conspiracy /r/the_donald would be good places to start. Look for a thread where they are talking about censorship or free speech or InformationWar related stuff and let them know about Steem!

  • Facebook - Make a post or comment/reply to someone in a facebook group. Try using the search feature on facebook to find pro free speech groups, pro informationwar groups, pro freedom groups, etc.

  • Youtube - Make a video about Steem/3speak/ and why people should join. Encourage people who are interested in truth/smaller govt/freedom/pro free speech to join

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Great idea!!! Be so cool to have more information pirates on Steem!!

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I have done so, please help spread the word about us by participating in thispost :)

Thank you Brother!
I resteemed this post and gave it 100% upvote.
Let me know how i can help more...
Maybe on my other socials..?
Greetings and Respect

Yes if you can post some comments letting people know to join Steem for the InformationWar and take a screenshot, then post to steemit and share your link on this post we will upvote you.

I got 'cha ;) Soon come.
Are you on IG?

Ah I didn't think to make something for instagram, sure thing if you want to make a post on instagram telling people about Informationwar and joining steemit that will work too! Then make a post on steemit with a screenshot of your instragram post so we can upvote it.

I will, even though Google blocks my stuff
since i am promoting Steemit and Co.
But only the Truth will set us free, right? ;)
So, if anybody from your team is (still) on IG,
please like the posts there, too ;)
I will do the same, just DM me there...
Because right now i only jump in there literally
for a minute ;)

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