Annoucing winner of the banner contest.

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We had one entry for the banner contest and it was good one. So I'd like to thank @justmeagain for the banner and also the gif, very cool.

15 Steem is heading your way.

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Thanks again to @justmeagain for the good looking banner.

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Very cool! Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to future contests and hope others will create some brilliant banners for Informationwar and Decentralized New Hour. Hey! You guys could be like Google, switching up logos for special occasions. You know, I do 3D, but I don't have my software on this machine. Otherwise, I could have done something really nice. Maybe next time... Thanks again.


Hey can you send me a message on discord, I wanted to talk about getting a thumbnail picture made for our podcast "Decentralized Truth".

If you are in our discord you can send me a message TruthForce#9168


I just checked in to Discord. Left a PM.

what about a new era of ads world? what if we create it with lums video maker, @infornationwar what you say about.... any how you are best with such result....

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