Texans, A call to arms

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If you live in Texas, please read along. Im calling for a citizens action against that of AG Ken Paxton Jr.

I wanted to show you some grievances, perhaps ask what is treason?

Meet Ken Paxton Jr, the felonious attorney general in Texas. Ken seems to enjoy the suffering of the people of Texas. When he's not kicking in doors with Sheriff's for excessive arrears from child support. He's assisting the construction of corporations to profit from CPS abuses.

See, what he will do is contract his office, the attorney general with contractors to bring unconstitutional action against Texans. He does this to increase the Federal funding to Texas, which guess what trickles down back to him. Amazing, right?


This is a indeed search result for averaged salaries for CPS in TX.


This is a CPS salary schedule according to Texas Tribune

So as you can see, children are biiiig business. Directors earn big money, for removing children from homes. But the buck doesnt stop here, there is big business in support obligations as well.

As I mentioned earlier, the attorney generals office contracts other law firms to bring charges (we already have discussed nature of CPS, which is unlawful) against families.

Such a contract would be invoiced like pictures below.



Now understand the purpose of Government is defined below:


The system of polity in a state; that form of fundamental rules and principles by which a nation or state is governed, or by which individual members of a body politic are to regulate their social actions; a constitution, either written or unwritten, by which the rights and duties of citizens and public officers are prescribed and defined, as a monarchical government, a republican government, etc.

There are constitutional mandates both Federal and State level that offer protections to individuals so that abuses such as this do not take place. This is a state that is bringing charges without due process, or notice by proxy of "contractors."

I ask in the beginning, maybe treason?


the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

So in turn, do you think that the attorney generals actions are not treason? Does the actions by all parties kill the sovereign?

Interestingly enough, the provisions that define CPS, state that a private person is synonymous with sovereign.

So lets read this again, this time with synonymous word.

the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the private person or overthrow the government.

We see that government is also synonymous with constitution which is a set of laws limiting the powers of branches of government and protecting the rights of citizens.

So one more time, this time inputting both synonymous words into the definition of treason.

the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the private person or overthrow the constitution.

How can you kill a private person without guns? Take away their rights.

How do you over throw a government, silently?
By occupying multiple branches, so that no branch is left that operates in its lawful original context.

Texas, true patriots.. band together and fight with your rights! Our children are children. Not money, not a bonus, not debt. Just children. We need to fight the treasonous individuals in office, not with guns, not with words, with our wit and dilligence.


Texas OAG Contracts

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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This is exactly what is needed. Calling the traitors out by name and reading out their crimes in public. The fake news organizations are all owned by those paying these traitors to betray us. Thank you for keeping at this. You have quickly become one of my favorite posters with your keen insights into law and word usage coupled with your desire to inform us.


Thanks! It really means a lot @practicalthought :)

The money powers rule in Texas too.
We never intended for the people to let the Supreme Court have a a final say in all things. That was reserved to the people. That is why there is a jury court system. Today everything we established is turned on its head.
National Police, Standing armies, Eminent domain claims of citizens property, the constant entangling of other nations affairs ETC. There is a long list of infractions to the freedom we established ..................
Today the nation we founded is controlled by the very powers we opposed to create this once great nation.


🙌 yes! Absolutely correct. You see that it started with a federal tax, which was optional for union states to enforce. Yet, due to the promise of greenbacks they enforced it. Further diluting the sovereignity of states and people. We the people, have vested...

@deadpresidents hats off to you

Push back, effectively.


Thanks i glanced at website, will read further tonight during quiet time..


He has lots of youtube content, and if you got questions he does radio shows on wed. and sat.

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Fuck this guy. It's no wonder why my uncle is having such a hard time trying to keep his children.

He is not the only government official to commit treason. They are in the headlines every day thanks to the traitorous media.


Agreed! Its high time to flush out these traitors!

Ken here is just one example of a multitude


Check out Maxine waters burning the American flag on drudge today. Don’t they realize if the country were to make a turn in the communist direction they would no longer be viable to the party?


I have seen this! Also seen that oathkeepers has had enough, so its going to get interesting really quickly.


No, they don't. Consequences make no sense to communists.

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Wow, I'm not usually judgmental about people's looks, but that man's appearance is evil! Just look at him!

All of this money going around, yet Texas is the state where there's an epidemic of legally kidnapped children having to sleep in CPS offices. If kids are going to be ripped from their parents, can't these monsters at least throw some money at giving the children suitable living conditions?

Thanks for calling this to our attention @ihashblox!


@snowpea ... you're right in both aspects! This is way out of hand.


In the early 90s I had to get my eldest son out of TX, and it was not easy, as TX did not want to recognize the order of the court with jurisdiction. It cost them control and money.

I did it anyway.


I always used to think of Texas as a freedom loving, gun toting, "don't tread on me" kind of place. I guess that was far removed from the truth!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.


I'm pretty much of a mind that corporate officers of extant government are necessarily traitors. If they aren't, they don't get the job.

I appreciate your call for wit and diligence, as that is the necessary cure for the disease of stupidity and ignorance.



@valued-customer i will be expanding on your thoughts today.

Defining extant government.. which is nearly complete.

Appreciate your comment.

A great example and courageous pointing out of the Traitors in government! Done across the board in many areas of government. They have their evil strands of the web reaching all over.

The most despicable is their vile web that includes fronts like CPS and of course the ever sacrificing PP.

God is watching and this is what he despises the most. Thankful you are shining a light on this evil!

David D. Kinsey. . .any relation to the sicko Alfred Kinsey? The luciferians place these people in positions of power and influence to perpetuate their evil all while pulling the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting!

Thanks for the great read!


Thank you