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The Hypocrisy of Alex Jones: In Videos

in informationwar •  11 months ago 

I see you had long to formulate another answer.

Believe what you will.

And to answer your initial comment. No I would not harm you. I meant belittle you. Call you names. Act out to you in a negative fashion. You are free to believe what you will. Even if i find it ludacris or not.

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However, that point aside. You should really stop flagging people. Unless its plagarism or something that violates ethics or morals of Steemit. You see, you cant just act like that. If you disagree, simply say so walk away and that be that or engage in subject matter and try to find common ground. Not flag in retaliation.


Agree, i do try to give good use to the flags and do not use it as weapons, etc
blockchain is my witness :)