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RE: Clear Evidence of Collusion

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@ironshield with all due respect. (a lot of respect)..

The real evidence of collusion never occured on US soil. Sadly, it was detailed in Panama papers. Whereas, Trump, Tillerson and much of his early staff pooled money in offshore accounts. Also, had some "whale" foreign investors (did I say investors I mean, gift givers). Sadly, many have long forgotten this simple fact as attention spans are minute.

Collusion also occured on account of oversight. Why individuals continued to use voting machines produced and assembled by our "enemies" is beyond me. There has been numerous evidence of this, yet nobody took action. Soros also tried to capitalize on this fact, yet obviously failed.


Thank you @ihashblox. If you have any source material to contribute, I'd be happy to investigate. @ironshield

Trump had no vested interest outside of leasing/licensing his name and servicing to the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower in Panama. The way Trump makes money is that he sells his brand name, that brand name comes with more than just his name plastered on the outside. To maintain the integrity of his name he requires the hotels to use his brand of products to service the hotels, which are high end products. The appearance of his name in the Panama documents so many times is because of that reason. He himself owned a condo at one time in the building which he sold, that doesn't make it a sell hidden under a shell is sort of minuscule to even consider. Now as far as high end players, yes he knows a lot of them but association among the rich is just that, association, you are not guilty of something just by knowing other rich people, it's some of those other rich people who appear in the papers that were involved in the off shore shell accounts, some possibly buying and selling condo's in the Trump hotel there to conceal or launder money but remember Trump doesn't own the hotel, he doesn't sell the condos, just his name and servicing. That's why his name appears so many times in the papers because a lot of these people were accused of conducting business by hiding and concealing under condos in a hotel which licensed the use of his name.

Well... I strongly disagree once again @sunlit7

Trump, Tillerson, Koch Bros, Adellman, etc and much more all hid fiat along with the likes of Friends and close families of Putin. British PM, Syrian leaders, Saudi Leaders, former Iraqi leaders.. etc etc

This was not do to a real estate sale which mind you would still be taxed here in US and therefore visible on the declaration -UCC filings and 1099OID. But its not. They honestly pooled money and promises offshore knowing that jurisidiction of US cannot reach them. Again nothing to do with as you mentioned. Hillary and Podesta did the same thing.

They pooled their campaign funds and more offshores. Donald even told you this in a round about way during campaign. "Its time to close the offshore accounts. (Paraphrased)" This is serious stuff. But again this took place outside of US (federal jurisdiction). So technically, @ironshield is correct, if this is all Mueller has, is anyone going to hold executive branch accountable for wasted funds?

Even that article says "surrounding Trump"..... like I said guilt by association is not a crime. Here's a link that uses the same people/reporters stated in your article, The International Consortium of Investigative the stories first folds out some "Trumps" aren't Trump....they are properties.

Let's not forget the real collusion with Israel. It was Mossad that dropped HRC for Trump, and for good reason: Trump is more subtle, and less likely to lead straight to them with a trail of dead bodies and corruption.