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Infowars Now Live on @Dlive

For those of us who value alternative news, please know that Infowars via is now broadcasting their programming LIVE on @dlive.

Currently on: REAL NEWS via the

Their Freedom is My Freedom

Even though I may not agree with everything that is said on Infowars, Jones and his team provide an excellent alternative news source to tune in to.

It is an outrage that the mainstream social fascists have removed MY CHOICE to watch/listen to Infowars and others.

I credit Michael Savage and Alex Jones with waking me up big time in the early Nineties. Neither are my only source of news nowadays, but they do form part of my portfolio of information providers whom I trust more than mainstream alphabet soup 'News' crime syndicates.

Silencing a Human Being is the highest form of Tyranny.

How can that be?
Your voice doesn't matter. You are worthless in their eyes - a useless eater. You are wished dead!
Your choice doesn't matter. You are worthless in their view - a useless eater unless you conform and go against everything you stand for. You might as well be a slave or dead!

The development, expression, and exchange of our ideas and values project the ultimate animation of ourselves. Silencing persons equates to killing them, for only through the communication of our views are we adding value to ourselves and others. The product of our work, may it be art, news, books or output of manual labor brings us to life.

The enemies of life and liberty want us dead. Their demonic war on free speech points to the source of whom they serve. I shall not serve them or their master.

News Sources I Use for The CHAOS Show on @msp-waves

(1) with focus on Transhumanism and Biblical contexts
(3) (an alternative to the

In addition, I consider the mainstream propaganda talking points. They do provide a good indicator of their anti-Human tactical and strategic moves, and the multitude of crimes that are committed by the globalist/communist/occult based cabal.

May God have mercy on their souls.


Proud Supporter of PAL and the - The Minnow SupportProject
Christopher "The Hat" Hatfield @globocop

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Be cautious. It may not be the real Ron Gibson. On Steemit his profile links to the infowars website, BUT on the infowars Social Media page it does NOT mention this page on DLive or Steemit.

Sadly, I have seen several occurrences of accounts on Steemit pretending to be someone well known, but they are just copying other people's work and lying about who they really are.
I'm not going to investigate this one myself, but I would suggest that you reach out to someone at info wars to confirm that this account really represents them.


Fair enough - and thanks for pointing out, Linda.

I think he's the real Ron Gibson, because he is live streaming the actual programming as shown on and their mobile application.

I, and I am sure also the entire #informationwar community will keep a close eye on it.


I looked and see 2 different shows being livestreamed on DLive and on Infowars. But I'm not a regular follower of Alex Jones and I don't have the mobile app, so maybe I am misunderstanding something.


There are three different streams on infowars at any given time, only one of which is live. The others are replays.

  1. Alex Jones (live, and if not live, replay of the latest live show)
  2. Real News, currently live stream (with David Knight)
  3. NewsWars with Owen Shroyer (as (1))

First show of any weekday is Real News, (3 hrs) followed by Alex Jones (4 Hrs), followed by NewsWars.

The Real News live stream is the same as currently on dLive with about a 15-20-second delay. Hope this helps to clarify,

I didn't know he was on dlive! Thank you for the alert. @rongibsonchannel needs more followers and upvotes. Let's show them some serious support!


Yes - just discovered r0n Gibs0n yesterday on here. Glad they are here.
Let's spread the word.

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