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RE: More Emerges About The Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin Sex Video: There's No Limit To This Evil

I have doubts about this stuff. If those cops really saw something like that, I would think a few of them would be concerned enough that more children would be murdered to blow the whistle. I mean, we don't need a perfect set up to stop ritual child sacrifice, do we? What is there to be afraid of that trumps a little kid getting killed?

It's been too long since they got that laptop, and if real cops with actual ethics saw that then there would be no way Hillary and Huma would be walking free today. I'm pretty sure they even let Huma leave the country! If our justice system lets people walk around free for a year after the police have evidence of a child murder just because they are popular, then they won't ever be prosecuted. It is indicative of systemic evil in the system.

I don't want to see the evidence, but I'll believe the story when I see that the evidence has been released, or Hillary and Huma are arrested.


The investigation was taken over by the feds, the FBI under Comey put a gag order on any public disclosing of information.

Would a gag order keep you from speaking out if you could save a child from being tortured to death?

Me personally? Hell no! But you're asking me to answer a question about what people in the 2nd most corrupt (not counting feds) police force in the country think. Also they might want to keep their jobs???

I get that, and I admit it's possible. It's just that I've spent a lot of time around military and police, and most of them are pretty wrapped up in the idea of being the good guy. Sure, they will lie, cheat, and plant evidence to protect each other, and even to frame people, but they do it because they think it is the right thing to do. Their sense of right and wrong is a little off, but if they had to watch a video of a child being tortured to death I don't think there's any way to think it's good to let the perpetrators continue to have freedom and access to children. It totally messes with the "good guy" ideal if you try to say, "I'm a good guy, but sometimes I let people murder children because I have a nice job I don't want to lose."

Again, It's possible. I just can't see the cops I've known over the years acting that way, and most of them I would say are assholes, and possibly criminal. In fact, because of all the cops I've known over the years I'm pretty convinced that the best way to deal with cops is to avoid them at all costs. I believe most of what they do is basically robbery and slavery, and to boot most of them do it smugly.

However, we share something, you and I. It's why I'm subscribed to your channel: It's that thing inside you that says, "not on my watch, asshole." There's something inside some men that drives them to be a protector of the innocent. I can't think of anyone I've met in the military or police that didn't see themselves that way. Asshole and corrupt or not.

I do admit there's a chance I'm overestimating the NYPD though... You got a point about their corruption.

Over the last 10-15 years or so the cops have changed. I've had many friends on the force both in Cambridge where I lived for many years and here in FT Smith where I live now. Gone are the "cops on the beat" the good guys that protect and serve- they've been replaced by guys with a gestapo mentality. In fact a friend on the force here told me that the academy has changed- now they teach the Us vs Them mentality. I had a guy pull me over to tell me my brake light was out... with his gun drawn.

I agree particularly with your last statement. I wrote most of my life story on here- I began my military "career" as a Gunners Mate on a PBR in Nam. I was also a sniper and recruited by "the Company" to do snoop & poops in places where we weren't fighting. I was also a "consultant" for Coca Cola in Central America in the late 70's (plus a couple of other things in between). I still have a few connections left there and in Mil Intelligence. In fact the guy that does computer sec for me is a DOD contractor. The tape is real- believe me... we probably will never get to see it (in fact it's isn't just one tape)- but they are real!

Witnesses always disappear before making it to court or cases are dropped and never get a hearing.

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