Weed to Be Legalized In 2019 in Murca? Err is it just at best some double speak Normlization Porking up Kleptocrats?

in informationwar •  20 days ago

Well gang, sounds like the rulers mouthpiece fragment CBS has issued a new news piece title something like dope to be legal in 2019.

Fake News Artifact Referenced


Sounds good if you like munchies or are bored or just dont like filling up cages with autonomous dignified human sheeple for non violent conduct and not even like a serious non violent drug like something harder that regular users engage in more deviance and norm violation than the friendly neighborhood pothead.

But if you dig a little deeper the "legalization" that has been occurring thus far still criminalizes users, growers and dealers that don't comply with licensing or taxation. Even if they might otherwise comply, many "legalized" areas limit licenses or other market interventions that pork up prices. And now they are complaining about a large glut in supply in some areas where local demand in autarky has been exceeded and due to lack of non local markets market forces act as any one with a head would have expected absent further kleptocratic centralized coercive market planning.

Million pounds of excess laughing grass in Orergon


So government supported think tank Rand Corporation in 2010 estimated the cost of indoor and outdoor sensimllia (non impregnated seedless better quality dope). They estimated the cost of producing indoor sensimilla could be as high as $80-200 per lb, while outdoor sensimilla might be as high as $8-10 per pound--but potentially below $1.

Estimated Cost of Legal Sensimillia Production


Yet where it's so called "legal" consumers are paying 1000s of percent more, if not significant multiples of the cost of production for sweet cheeba. And in many cases, the entire market in the jurisdiction is significantly distorted due to taxes and anticompetitive cartel/monopoly competitive licensing due to "agency capture" typified by illegitimate kleptocratic interests. Ever dollar of tax makes the "legal" market" less competitive than an unregulated free market of criminals. That perhaps is the sadest part of legalization as we have seen thus far. That where weed is legal, people still go to jail or have property taken or in other ways are interfered with by centralized coercive tentacles of state intervention is a twisted situation to refer to as "legal" perhaps more appropriately it is a just a kinder gentler prohibition where there are state monopolistic sanctioned channerls that avoid state level interference while currently still worrying about federal antennae interferring.

What kind of legalization has people still going to jail over using, growing, or distributing a substance that makes people more docile hungry and ready to consume? We shall see how it all plays out. Thus far, "legal" has far to often if not everytime meant arbitrary kleptocratic market auctioning backed by state coercion--not market forces. This is no surprise of course due to the fake news that creates and distorts the murcan sheeple's realities and manages the plebians and ensures and great stock of non violent criminals to be herded and controlled for those who do not conform sufficiently.

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Oh great... This guy... Nope nothing to see.

And your totally right by the way! Sharing and gonna try to vote but I'm super low on VP now.

Killer artical!

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thx bud hope the new year has been going well for you thus far!!! Hope to start posting regularly again soon once band producing more music.


Well let's hook up and get you some promotion and air time for that music!

And missed you man! Let's get it!

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True,true....Babylon should keep
their dutty hands off di herbs!
Good post.

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Once weed is capitalized upon, it will ruin it forever.

I sure hope you're right.

no lol

It's disturbing how corrupt making something "legal" is, and yeah as distorted and twisted as it is, I still think it shows signs that the sentiment is changing.. At least people aren't being sent to prison for life for a gram or less being found on them anymore like has happened in the past.
It's disconcerting, depressing and somewhat positive in some ways all at the same time. Good article and nice to hear from you again!