Information War Contest Entry: Advancing Free Culture

in informationwar •  5 months ago

Yo yo I am trying to transform the status quo via creating free cultural learning tools and discussing your world. This post is to enter the Info War Contest for some SBD.

Via @learnguitar created a free guitar learning program all the content owned by the entity released under the unlicense. The website is at The domain provided free from The hosting free from Heroku. And the website uses Django CMS, a permissively licensed.

Via @fatkat and @watwrongwitunews, I discuss stories the rulers don't want discussed like how the infotainment "fake news" does 24 hours of programming yet never accurately discusses public policy nor alternates, thus ensuring continued pointless wars, poverty and erosion of civil liberties. Thanks to steem, hope to eventually shift all the news articles/eventual vlog interviews etc to @watswrongwitunews and bring back FatKat N' The Lobbyists band to @FatKat.

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That's awesome, music is great way to wake people up and spread the message of freedom.


Muse and omnia are two good popular bands who are using and have used music to fight the power and try to wake the people. I hope one day we can all sing the same songs of freedom and take down the corruption that blinds the people as a whole.

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