House Judiciary Holding Hearing Considering Further Central Planning of Social Media

in informationwar •  7 months ago

Well gang it sounds like the bureaucrats in the DC swamp think the central planning mix with coercion that is state intervention may need further interference in the voluntary association of humankind. Now don't get me wrong the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are likely not positive if not negative net effect for human freedom at this point in time, but I am very skeptical that more gun backed state intervention is likely a useful means toward achieving a better world subject to how one might define better.

As someone who likes MIT licensed open source steemit where everything is publicly available on a blockchain thus making censorship and shadowbanning less likely and more discoverable and possibly more recorded in the record it would definitely be great if scandals are discovered. It will be interesting how all these things play out. Ultimately it will be interesting how it all plays out and what comes of these discussions and whether the DC swamp decides to adopt new regulations to further subsidize entrenched market actors and increase the transaction cost of new market participants as typifies the crony statism of our day.


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I'm just a bullshitter with a key bored.

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Yo! As someone who has been exploring 5+ countries (two of them communist) on a mountain bike for over a decade I am developing a greater appreciation for the system in the U.S. - that is, when it is PROPERLY WORKING; which it HASN'T been for quite some time. In communist countries this debate would likely NOT even be happening, and so it is somewhat promising to see that the government is at addressing the issue. In an attempt to TRY to hang on to some optimism, the promosing news is that the Trump administration has CLEARLY expressed their openness to exploring blockchain technology, and blockchain will likely be the primary solution to these censorship related issues. One company to look at right now is Civic :


Looks interesting will have to check out more, the mountain biking sounds pretty cool. I think one can definitely do central planning and it isn't necessarily guaranteed too be a total disaster like many people seem to assert? But I think the free market system is generally better and works best when combined with sufficient structures (that do not necessarily need to be financed by state coercion) premised upon enlightened voluntary self interest as the premise for organizing society that guarantees sufficient individual dignity is best.

Ultimately I think letting the market decide on social networking is likely if not always the best strategy compared to letting bureaucrats in a room talk about it for a few days and then put in coercively backed regulations that are typically written behind closed doors and most importantly backed by insitutionalized state violence.