FatKat on Journalism?

in informationwar •  4 months ago

Yo yo people sorry was gone last week. I'm trying to do at least a weekly live stream around Wednesdays @7pm EST. @transcript-junky brought up some good constructive criticism about me not having anything to talk about and hoping for guests to come fill in the time. So until I have the website and guest interviews figured out and/or chat guests that give material to play off I will try to talk about various issues. As always until I have actual content prepared I will chat for 5 minutes but will stay longer if anyone comes and chats with me or at least watches.

Today we will discuss journalism and how I might think about doing jorunalism maybe?

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Hey bud! Excellent! Your philosophical analysis of "fact" and the subjective role of journalism where definitely FAR BETTER than you sitting there for five minutes LAMENTING the lack of caller interaction. Now I can LOOK FORWARD to some "knowledge bombs" as I continue watching these live streams. It is clear that the experience is ALSO good for you, as you mentioned how fast the time went, I'm happy FOR YOU if my input has helped to make this a more enjoyable for YOU as well as current and future consumers of these posts. Keep it up...


Yes sir, hope you are doing well for you, hit you a @watwrongwitunews for latest post since this comment to old. Let me know if you ever want to be a guest on the show if you have a webcam


Yes, I have been considering calling in to your show. I have several other more immediate priorities right now, and would prefer to wait until you have a more consistent number of people watching the show, so as to get the message out with maximum reach. Hope you understand. I will be monitoring your live streams, and will let you know if/when I may be interested in making an appearance. I prefer audio-only communication. Is that cool?