Hide the Decline - Climate Change Hoax - Please Share This Video - Enjoy with Troy!

The Truth Was Buried For Political Reasons

Twenty years ago a report by Michael Man, MBH 98, showed a hockey stick of rising temperature, Yet, it conflicted with the truth of of other reports which showed no major changes. One report had to be deleted for political reasons. The IPCC chose to deliberately to use the man report, dismissing other data and hiding the truth.

Man Made Hoax

Global warming and climate change is a man-made purposely invented and false agenda. Take a listen and learn the truth about the climate agenda hoax. The video is informative and well worth the listen at 20 minutes.

Dr. John Robson looks back on the 10th anniversary of the exposure of the scandalous "Climategate" decision to delete awkward data that contradicted the idea that settled science said we face a man-made global warming crisis

Other Articles on Climate Change Fraud

I have also recently wrote on this in two articles called Who Profits From Climate Change by Dr. Shiva, the inventor of email, and Debunking Climate Fraud.

As Old George Says...

People can't take care of themselves, what makes them think they can help this world survive. The earth has been taking care of itself for centuries. It will be around long after we are gone. Yep. Old George Carlin was spot on.

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Please share this video as it is important to educate the public. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem


My default position is to doubt everything that comes from the lips of government minions. Any truth there is purely accidental or simply the vehicle for some other, greater lie...



Amen to that brother. Thanks @creatr

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