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I don't want it; that's how I know it's coming.

But when?

Isn't it obvious?

The dollar is being devalued right now before everyone's eyes and nobody is talking about it. People on Steem don't count. We are the outliers.


So many people out there think they are into politics because they want/don't want gun control, have opinions on abortion/LBGTQ/animal rights/racial equality/whateverthefuck.

That is the fucking children's table of politics.

They're fucking laughing at us, and it's almost like we deserve it.

Born and bred slaves.

Tell me more about my micro-aggression when everyone is enslaved and the world is engulfed in endless power-struggle and war.


Yep, I'm salty.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Rant over.


So when do we get institutional money?

First of all, stop wishing for something so terrible. You want the current system to try and take the reigns of the new paradigm? The fuck is wrong with you? I guess my rant wasn't over.

Luckily, by design of decentralization, it may be a fool's errand to try and control this emerging technology. For example, if you somehow managed to buy out a currency and start manipulating it to your own ends... wouldn't the community just stop using it? Nope! Even more hilariously they'd just fork you out of the network.

Exactly™ what we saw with the ETH DAO hack.

It's for reasons of lack of control that the establishment doesn't want to support crypto. However those dollar signs and profit margins are slowly luring the demons in.


It is a superior technology, after all, and tech rules the world.

Trick them into buying bitcoin.

Institutions feel like they can't buy into Bitcoin because the market cap is way too small. They'd jack up the price insanely and keep getting dumped on and likely incur huge losses. That is exactly what would happen.

But what if the dollar was fucked?

The dollar is being devalued right now transparently by printing hundreds of billions out of thin air. This is just the very beginning. The economy is like a drug addict hooked on debt, and we are getting quite close to hitting rock bottom. When will we hit rock bottom? Whenever they decide it to.


Some of you already know this graph is old and the Fed is already starting to reduce rates

Hello, negative interest rates.


Let's say we enter a recession. A Big One. The Federal reserve is using a new policy of negative interest rates paired with massively increased inflation to make up for it. Don't forget to factor in the secret inflation they aren't telling us about.

Stocks are crashing, the housing market is crashing, unemployment is going up.

Why? Because the central banks already openly bought up all the stock and debt and bonds and now they are going to dump that burden on the poor.

But you know who else gets hit by this attack?

Anyone who can't print USD out of thin air.

Literally not literally everyone.

Of course corporations and institutions are smarter than Average Joe, so they maneuver accordingly.

What's going to happen if everything is crashing but crypto is going up?

Doesn't even have to be going up. Could just be sitting stagnant or crashing less than everything else to justify buying in. Our market caps are so low any amount of real money is going to drain liquidity hard. Even Bitcoin's market cap is very low in this context.

Everyone is wondering if crypto might perform badly during an economic crisis.

Are we really though? It was literally built in response to the last one.

The entire global market is firmly linked to everything except crypto.

The entire economy is about to implode because of an exploitative system based on wage/debt/tax slavery. It's been up and running for over 100 years now, and it is disgustingly antiquated, stagnant,corrupt, and outright evil.

Crypto is the future, and while the traditional economy is imploding from debt we would be wise to remember that crypto has no debt. Certainly not Usurious debt (yourself as collateral).

So, while the traditional economy is imploding, what asset does anyone have to escape to besides crypto and precious metals? Very little. Value is going to become trapped in crypto. We'll even start thinking the price is going up because hyperinflation is just dragging fiat down lower and lower. (Perhaps even while being secretly pumped into Bitcoin)

This is something that happens quickly.

Crypto doing well during a crisis only hurts the established norm even more, giving people a way to escape the debt-based economy.


This is the kind of next-level event that will crush us if we don't get in front of it. This wave is big. The question of:

How do we fuck over the poor people?

Will always be relevant to these glorified monsters.

So what has to happen?
What is guaranteed™ to happen?

The path to escape will be cut off,

and the wage-slaves will be rushed off the economic cliff once again.

I guarantee™ that Bitcoin gets pumped at a very key time period during the next economic recession. Likely in the early stages or immediately before it. How will we know when that time has come? The media will be all over it; Hyping up Bitcoin to the max.

Poor people have to be kept poor. People have the most value when they are working for minimum wage (or far below the value they bring in). That's just basic business sense. When people are provided opportunity and options they are harder to exploit.

Therefore the rumor will spread that Bitcoin is going to keep mooning after a huge pump. When everyone has taken out a second mortgage to leverage trade on Bitcoin the central banks will dump on it. How do I know? Because they are literally going to do it to every other market. Why would you leave out the most wildcard asset there is? Best to be consistent.

Yes, I'm very sorry that migrant worker "Took your job."
---Talk from the children's table.---

Want to make good predictions?

Count on lambs being led to the slaughter calmly and single file.

Institutional money will flow into Bitcoin when all the other assets are bleeding.

Thanks Bakkt.

They have to pump the price up before they can manipulate it down.

Market Cap: $217,747,738,545

The only way to win this game involves having more value in crypto than the entire legacy economy combined.

Personally, I see that happening.
Scaled network effect is powerful.


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You nailed it again.

The sheep are being led to slaughter. We hear how "wonderful" the economy is and how the data is telling us things are going to stay that way. Record low unemployment, hot stock market, and a strong dollar. All are signs that the party is going to keep going on.

Forget the fact wages havent increased in two decades, a number of corporations are seeing declining revenues, and earnings are only showing strong because of stock buybacks.

We are riddled with debt yet the business community doesnt talk about that. Instead, we paint a rosy picture detailing how things have grown.

Crypto is going to be the safe haven.

Sounds legit to me 😬 Great post, enjoyed reading it.

Man, you should do a book!

And I will title it:

Rants From A Lunatic

Lol! Or how about "Rich Mom, Poor Mom"

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excellent post dude
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