Globalism and the Hegelian Dialectic: Create the problem that encourages people to embrace the idea you want implemented.

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Hegelian Dialectic

Create the problem(s) that encourage people to embrace the idea you want implemented.

If that was your goal what problems could you introduce to encourage it? Is that what we are seeing?

Have you considered that government comes in many forms?

The path seems to be leading towards...
Global dictatorship...
Global oligarchy
That is still globalism. Does it still sound good?

If I were wanting that I'd create as much division among the people as I could. I would need to collapse the effectiveness of existing governments to convince people that the solution is for there to be one global government that can bring order out of the chaos (that the globalist authors likely intentionally are engineering).


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Fortunately for us this also lead to OUR desired result.

Cause division... and then everyone can have their own bitcoin accounts and we can all govern ourselves through distributed ledgers.

I find it interesting. Yes, T.H.E.Y. have been doing this Hegelian dialectic for a long time and getting the results T.H.E.Y. wanted. However, today, they are trying to compress the water in their hands and its squirting out in all directions.

T.H.E.Y. have been setting up this global currency debacle for decades... but now it is going to get people into cryptos far faster than we could have ever done without. And, once in cryptos, then it is soooo easy to change to a better block chain.

"...then it is soooo easy to change to a better block chain."

Not so much. All it takes to destroy a given crypto is targeted censorship - something they demonstrably effect with facility. Absent additional supportive decentralized technologies, such as mesh networks that aren't censorable, any single industrial mechanism is able to be captured easily.

The real power of decentralization is concatenation across fields. Centralized bureaucracies are inherently incapable of focusing their power on amorphous and distributed targets.

Those evil global Bond-villains causing misery and suffering through uniform measure, legal procedures, commercial contracts, and behavioral reference, resulting in the ease of international commerce! Only if humanity continued to live in fragmented, subsistent tribalism - dying from malnutrition, backwards medical care, and parasitic infections - then they would be enjoying true freedom.

False dichotomy.

Many more choices than that. Globalism does not mean people will get the rulers and the governance they want. Tyrants love the concept of Globalism. It was a driving force for Hitler. It sounded appealing to Mao, to Stalin, and many other tyrannical leaders. It goes back as far as we have recorded history. (for those of us that read and comprehend history... rather than ignoring or erasing what we don't like) that there are those who want to rule the world. I don't know of any of them that were not tyrants. At least I can't find an example.

So if YOU are content to wear shackles that is your choice. When you think you have the right to put other people into shackles too because you like them. No. Come and try. I'll die trying to stop you... or perhaps it is you that will die. ;) Bring it on.

To an ageny of chaos, any and all social stability and order appears as "tyranny." No sane human being will prefer the chaos induced blood-bath of the French Revolution, the French Commune, or to a lesser degree, the innumerable race-riots in the cities of 'Murica to an orderly, well-governed society. Human prosperity and progress has always followed centralised authority managing social stability. From the Principate of Rome to Tang China, human experience provides incontrovertible evidence of proper, natural, prosperous humam social system, as opposed to the savage barbarism of fragmented tribalism from the Germanic tribes to Amazonian natives. If you prefer to live without the amenities of human civilisation, you certainly have the liberty to join the savages in the interior of the Amazon or the Auatralian outback.

Regarding the tyrants of the 20th century, how did these people ascend to power? If you could actually "comprehend history," you will quickly recognize that these mass killers would not have gained power, were it not for the poisonous humanist ideology of freedom and human rights. Either you are a fanatic of a highly toxic ideology, or a cynical opportunist spreading propaganda. Human experience of the past 300-years only demonstrates the pernacious consequence of freedom and human rights in subverting all civilised norms and descency, resulting in unimaginable human suffering and cruelty. What has your precious "freedom" net you other than low-born merchant scum dictating sociocultural policy with base-born muck demanding unearned previleges, all the while society fractures into tribalism?

It is the duty of all thinking, rational humans to work towards erasing any trace of humanist poison from collective sum of human consciousness. Even the merchant scum of our degenerate era recognize the nihilism the ideology of freedom engenders and actively censor them from public consciousness. For the survival of the human race, ideology of chaos must be opppsed, thwarted, and erased. Despite your fanatical religion, the universe does not revolve around you and your whims.


:( sad that people still fall for this

Additional mechanisms that can drive towards global government are things you've previously noted as well. Creating a global tax both implements a financial support and a need for global governance. Creating environmental problems that transcend international borders by deploying pollutants from transnational corporations. Habitat degradation in valuably biodiverse regions does the same. Creating transnational problems inherently demands transnational solutions.

The Hegelian Dialectic is dead. Long live the Hegelian Dialectic!