Considering the lies being spun about Julian Assange as he is taken into custody by the UK from inside the Ecuadorian embassy...

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There are plenty of articles (many quite good) on the incident with Julian Assange that happened today. Yet at the core of what I am seeing done to him now is a pattern I see being used so frequently these days. It is the destruction of language. It is twisting and assuming things that were not explicitly stated in order to attack someone that is distasteful or in disfavor. Likely someone who disagrees and will not conform.

They are indicating that Assange encouraged Manning to continue espionage activities.

The main thing I'd like to focus on is what they are claiming is encouragement.

Here is what they base it upon:

"During an exchange, Manning told Assange that 'after this upload, that's all I really have got left.' To which Assange replied, 'curious eyes never run dry in my experience'.

That is an observation. It is not encouragement. It is also very true. It is nothing more than saying "never say never", or "this is the end" when none of us can see the future.

It is also basically stating that once you have seen what is hidden in the corners, it is difficult not to see things hidden in other corners as you move past them. Once a person has chosen to pay attention, it is difficult to stop paying attention.

Once you can see. Unless you choose to remove your eyesight it is difficult to no longer see.

That is not encouragement. That is an observation and it is also the truth. Yet that is the type of loose interpretation used so often these days to attack people.

Now there is another point. Isn't this what journalists do? In my study of history the answer is an emphatic yes. Yet unlike many so-called journalists today Assange and crew did try to scrub things from the reports and redact them.

In a time when we've had unprecedented amounts of LEAKS to the media and seen the irresponsible reporting going on that they would use this lie to pin him down is a shame.

Many are quick to jump on blaming Trump as they try to blame everything. Let's recall all of the politicians who wanted Assange executed. Let's recall Hillary saying we should drone strike him. This ultimately came down to Ecuador getting a new president and then caving. Then the UK and the US being complicit.

This is not a Trump issue. Though it could be one if he took the opportunity and pardoned Assange. Assange has been attempting to drain the swamps all over the place, not just the U.S.

This is the swamp creatures striking back, and those creatures existed before Trump and surround him now.

If Trump doesn't do something it will be a black mark for many of his supporters. Everyone has some black marks. The key is, how many of them will decide that is too many. In addition, those running against Trump have shown by their actions in many cases to be encased in far more black marks.

This is a both party problem at the moment. It is attack on Journalists. It is a lie, in a time where the media thrives on lies.

Though with Assange it has been a lot of lies for quite some time. Many of our politicians have called him a traitor, and said he should be charged with treason. This shows how stupid those politicians actually are. You have to be a citizen of the country in question for it to be treason. Julian Assange is an Australian citizen. He cannot be charged with treason against the U.S.

Also consider this. Is there such a thing as a statute of limitations? I know for some crimes there is none. I do not know that what Assange is charged with would fall outside of those limitations. This event with Manning took place approximately 9 years ago. Most of that time since then he has spent in what is essentially self imposed house arrest, and his health has suffered.

Do you know what he is truly guilty of?

He embarrassed criminals in positions of power.

EDIT: To be clear. I am one of those that considers Assange a hero. I also think he is a bit pompous. He can be an ass. He can be conceited. He is likely a narcissist. Yet he remains a hero. All of those things simply are par for the course in the human condition. His bravery, and integrity though are definitely in short supply in this era.

David Knight / Paul Joseph Watson / Alex Jones Emergency Broadcast about Julian Assange


From what I read on Twitter, Trump just said he doesn't anything about Wikileaks or Assange "not my thing". How's that for a black mark? I can see why many in the US want to believe he's going to drain the swamp or whatever, but he's not. No one is, sadly.

Draining the swamp is likely an impossible task. Especially when so many of his advisors are part of the swamp.

It may not be his thing now. It could become his thing.

It is a black mark, but it is not his exclusively. This is not a Trump thing. It predates him and is being driven by the swamp. The key is that Ecuador caved. That involved getting a president that was less sympathetic with Assange than the one that was president when he was given asylum. Had this Ecuadorian president been in power sooner this could have happened earlier.

Here is another possibility (me speculating). Why now? Who benefits? At the moment it is being used as yet another chance to attack Trump. In this case they are using Assange whom is someone many Trump supporters see as a hero. Could this be why it is happening now?

It is a global war. It is just being fought in ways unlike any war we've had before.

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Assange is an agitator of chaos that compromised state secrets of many Western nations. He is a foreign agent working to destabilize the mighty US and her geopolitical ambitions. He, like Snowden, are deluded fools that are nothing more than pawns of the FSB or the State Security of the CCP. He ought to be thankful that he will be living in prison for the next 12 years, rather than dying from Polonium poisoning.

You mean, Obama, Soros, Clinton, globalists, big tech, etc, who spy, etc, etc?

He means if it is done by the government then it can't be a crime. Therefore, Assange is the criminal, not the people that committed the crimes that were leaked to him (a journalist) as those people are part of the government so cannot commit crimes. They can do whatever they want. i.e. Authoritarian.

Right, in other words, Hitler was not that bad according to him as Hitler was the government.

I disagree. They exposed crimes. No excuse for those crimes. Unless you happen to be an authoritarian.

LOL. Your faction is a collection of privileged malcontents in perpetual state of rebellion without any cause or purpose. Your faction will prefer to burn the entire world to satisfy your misguided grievances against creation itself. Of course, any social hierarchy would be considered as "authoritarian" to those who are transfixed by their own narcissism and delusions of godhood, fixated only upon their entitlements and privileges, with no regard to obligations and duties owed. Assange would be a "hero" to your faction of claygods that presume to dictate to Heaven their whims.

Your faction will prefer to burn the entire world to satisfy your misguided grievances against creation itself.

My faction is called the individual. YOU appear to be the one with the faction. Like I said authoritarian. Pretty simple. I don't really need to say more than that, all someone need do is read your comments, your posts, etc and it is pretty obvious.

You recognize the authority of the master, and to you it is a good thing. Even on plantations some slaves were content to remain slaves.

"Truth dies in darkness"

Assange ONLY spoke the truth. Even those that attack him have never claimed what he revealed (crimes) were lies. They chose to attack him, though they never denied that what he shared was the truth.

LOL. You exist as the "individuals," as if the members of your faction survive without the context of family, society, culture, and history. Your faction constantly rants about what you believe are owed to you from others - "rights' to speech, property, life, information, etc. - in pure expression of narcissism and selfishness. Your faction is no different from the Marxist revolutionaries, whom you denigrate with every breath, in demanding unmerited entitlements from society. At least the Marxist revolutionaries possess the virtue of obedience and can effect real change; your faction of profligates can not even organize to influence a town council, so disconnected are you from current sociocultural reality.

Your faction of disconnected, "individual" drones exist chasing only your profligate, narcissistic aims, while enjoying the privileges and benefits from the very social and political institutions you denigrate. You invoke plantation slaves? Slavery would be a step-up for the purposeless, directionless, self-obsessed profligates of your faction.

What use would "truth" be for those who are blind by their own delusions of godhood and self-righteousness? Truth dies in the insanity of man's hubris. You imagine yourselves uebermenschen, when you are but disconnected drones waiting to be buried.