Politically Correct : Radical Puppets?

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Are AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Talib Really Just Puppets of The Deep State?

Who’s Pulling the Strings of the Radical Congresswomen That Are Taking Over Congress?

Ever wonder how a brain-dead bartender like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ended up in Congress?

And how is it that radical anti Semite Somalian “Refugee” like Ilhan Omar, Palestinian (Impeach the M-Fer) Rashida Talib, and Ayanna Pressley also ended up in Congress this session?

If you think that they all had a passion for politics and had personal goals to run for Congress, then you're wrong.

Just like the popular talent television shows American Idol, America's Got Talent, or The Voice, these Congress women auditioned for and we're actually cast for these acting rolls they are now playing in the US House of Representatives.

Furthermore, there are very nefarious motives behind the placement of each of these radical members into Congress.

Watch this edition of Politically Correct where we will explore all this, and more.

You'll be surprised to find out who the Puppet Masters are, who’s pulling the strings, and who the deep State ventriloquists are that are putting words in theses congresswomen's mouths.

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