How The Globalist's Game Really Works - UK Government Empowers And Pays Off Leading Libyan Islamic State Jihadist They Previously Renditioned As A Member of Al-Qaeda - CIA's New “Bin Laden” Setting Up Libya Terror State

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This is how the Great Game on the Grand Chessboard is played by the global elite and their puppets operating in government positions. Demonize one side they were previously working with (Qaddafi, Hussein), overthrow them and then empower another similar character to take their place. Wait a generation then flip the whole narrative to keep the chaos and cash rolling. Empower terrorists, pay them off (legitimize them), place them in positions of power and remove them, if and when necessary. Infiltrate and take over the media to steer narratives so that the public is always kept in the dark as to how the real global mafia operates behind the scenes. Keep the 'war on terra' cash cow flowing while conducting murder, rape and robbery in countries that don't toe the line, all while empowering Islamic State regimes and groups that are a complete disgrace to all humanity. Conduct this quite obvious nefarious agenda for power, control and global hegemony, just so that a select few elitists can continue to enrich themselves and hold sway over all humanity. Voila! Mission Accomplished....

Here is the proof of what they have now done in regards to Libya and their new lead Libyan strongman. The following articles show the wiping clean of the slate (whitewashing) after the main objective (overthrow) has been completed.

Belhaj rendition: UK apology over Libyan dissident treatment

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The following 5 videos provide a mind-blowing window into Belhaj's Islamic State activities and nefarious past.

SouthFront: The West Negotiates with former Al Qaeda Leader to Empower the Unity Government in Libya

Libya's Controversial Rising Star Abdel Hakim Belhaj

Euronews - Abdel Hakim Belhaj: From jihadist to Libyan war hero

CIA's new “Bin Laden” setting up Libya terror state

The following video reveals the moment where the slate is wiped clean, thus allowing terrorists a complete free pass and the global elite's "Grand Charade" to continue.

RT UK : Britain apologises to Abdel Hakim Belhaj

Wikipedia provides a basic understanding of the connections between al-Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, of which Belhaj played a lead role.

Screenshot from link in case its modified:

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The Guardian (now compromised) had previously reported on the terrorist connections of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – from al-Qaida to the Arab spring

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Link to Wikipedia page on Belhaj:

Current screenshots in case its modified:

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The Kingdom of Qatar was heavily involved in all this, as reported by the Wall Street Journal back in 2011. During the so called "Arab Spring' little brother Qatar was financing and supporting Islamic State groups in Libya while big brother Saudi Arabia was pumping them up in Syria.

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The following post reveals the horrific results of the overthrow of Ghadafi in Libya. CNN caught lying about the plight of sub-Saharan Africans in Libya- Clinton’s war. Keep in mind that the overthrow also led to thousands of innocent people drowning trying to escape the terrorists and chaos by attempting to reach safety in Europe.

Even the Telegraph UK has now reported on the terrible plight of black sub-Saharan Africans in Libya after the overthrow of Ghadafi and at the hands of the Islamic terrorist groups that now run rampant throughout the once prosperous country.

A video that reportedly showing black Africans being forced to eat the former Libyan flag inside a cage by Libyan rebels has surfaced on the Internet.

Meanwhile the UK government continues to play a massive role in conducting all this terrorism related insanity.....

Compilation of Important Articles and Videos Detail NATO/US/UK/French Government’s Support for Terrorists in Libya and Direct Responsibility for the Manchester Arena Terror Attack

Exposing Oz Katerji And The UK Based Pro FSA And White Helmets Terrorist Propaganda Networks Operating In The United Kingdom

Huge Cache of White Helmets Exposed Links All In One Massive Volume For Sharing and Red Pilling - Over 400 Images in 22 Files

MSM Misinformation: Comparing the Wikipedia Page of the White Helmet Terrorists with the Actual Images From Their Own Facebook Accounts

And the charade continues on thanks to the complicit mainstream media normalizing everything and washing away the debris.......

Caveat: All information above, and my opinion derived from such, was acquired through postings conducted online by the individuals mentioned within the material and other researchers. I leave it up to diligent citizens to judge for themselves the validity of the aforementioned material and my opinions related to such, as is their right. This information is posted as a public service. Sometimes true patriotism requires dissent and revealing that which the powers that be would prefer remain in the shadows. I subscribe to the philosophy of USMC General Smedley Butler and believe war is a racket, a rich man's trick. I am a Marine Corps vet (1st Battalion, 6th Marines, 2nd Mar Div) who loves America and hopes to help save lives of innocent people and my brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces during this time of wars of deception and false flags (White Helmets). I believe my posts here at Steemit and my Clarity of Signal Wordpress site are very important for humanity right now and recommend people get red pilled and research these issues thoroughly themselves. I reserve my right to free speech and my opinion based on all the above information which is easily accessible online (Imagine if the mainstream media bothered to do the same when it comes to real reporting and research instead of providing propaganda that covers it all up).

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Useful info and great post, @clarityofsignal. It's interesting that we rarely hear a peep out of any of the three-letter media agencies regarding Libya. It was blown to bits and then the Libyan people left to suffer the consequences of those actions. A former secular state, now being ruled by hardcore Salafist Saudi's. It proves our media has no true empathy - nor do the "progressives" who still support the MSM.

By contrast, the rebuilding process in Syria is in full-swing. Syrians are being re-patriated. Peace is breaking out there. Therfore, people should expect another regional "incident" in that region in the very near future.

Geez! Sometimes we can not understand what they are looking for. Their power and possessions have, but continue to corrupt the earth by all means including in a very vile manner. 🤧

Your Research is successful........its really amazing news ever..thank you for share this with us.

It is right to say that you are starting the Islamic state in Libya, it is a very condemnatory matter that the whole world should be awake now because the whole world is going to bring the Islamic state to ruin, uk and the whole world. I think it is very good now and should take big steps