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RE: Following the Circus

in #informationwar3 years ago

"What you need to do" isn't constructive criticism. Also, telling me to "choose your own side" sound to me like you've decided what I think and that I should join some team in a fight.

These are ramblings, and I have viewers (and audio listeners) on other channels.

"The fact of the matter" isn't a fact at all. It's just you being overly dramatic about how Trump saved America with his 4D chess.


It was when in the beginning when you stated that, " You didn't really know. You really didn't care!"

Why talk about something you don't care about? it comes off really dis ingenious.

I am sure you want people to care about what you think, but sorry dude. Libertarians are looked at as ass monkeys. stop being like this. It is not respectable.