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RE: Following the Circus

in #informationwar3 years ago

Calm down, guy. I am only attempting to give some constructive criticism. As far as I can tell, I am the only person that even watched your rambling so far. I guess there isn't a ton of demand for that type of content. lol


"What you need to do" isn't constructive criticism. Also, telling me to "choose your own side" sound to me like you've decided what I think and that I should join some team in a fight.

These are ramblings, and I have viewers (and audio listeners) on other channels.

"The fact of the matter" isn't a fact at all. It's just you being overly dramatic about how Trump saved America with his 4D chess.

It was when in the beginning when you stated that, " You didn't really know. You really didn't care!"

Why talk about something you don't care about? it comes off really dis ingenious.

I am sure you want people to care about what you think, but sorry dude. Libertarians are looked at as ass monkeys. stop being like this. It is not respectable.