Education Is Not A Right

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Now this can be confusing because you have a right to educate yourself so let's make sure we know I am not talking about that.

What I am talking about is other people educating you which is not a right if it were that would be considered slavery, I am watching a show right now and this public school is changing to private and the kids are outside protesting saying education is a right.

What these kids are really saying is they have a right to force someone to educate them, I mean if I have a right to own a gun that means I can have one, but that does not mean I can take yours.

Education is the same I have a right to educate myself or pay someone else to educate me, but I do not have the right to force you to pay for my education as that is wrong and immoral.

We have the right to speak freely, but this does not mean I have the right to threaten you or promote acts of violence.

We have to remember their is usually two parties when their is a transaction so to say you have a right to education is true, but to say you have a right to be educated by others is wrong very very wrong.

Lets hope society can move on and embrace true freedom which is to work for what you want, most private schools anyways cost on average 13,000 that is nothing and that is average so you could find probably 5,000 a year if you can't then home school which is just as good.

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